Discord & Shoutbox Rules

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Discord & Shoutbox Rules

The following are the Discord and Shoutbox rules. All users of either service are required to follow them. Please read them in full and understand them, so that we can all avoid unnecessary trouble.

    Main Rules

  1. Don't be an asshole. The Discord and Shoutbox are meant to be a place for our members to hang out and chat with each other in peace. Don't ruin it for everyone else.
  2. You must treat all members with basic respect at all times, no matter what they said or what happened. Do not harass, bully, shame, or flame others. Arguments and misunderstandings happen but remember to always keep things in proportions.
  3. Do not stir-up drama. We're not interested in dealing with it. Do not instigate other members, stir up controversial topics, or do anything else with the intention of provoking negative reactions. Do not use offensive, instigating or otherwise malicious names for your user channels.
    Violation of this rule can and will result in harsh punishments. Let's avoid this nonsense please.
  4. You must comply with any and all instructions or warnings from our staff members. They're here to keep the peace and make sure everyone can enjoy our server, and so you must cooperate with them. All of our staff members are authorized to provide them as they see fit and on their own discretion. Refusing to do so may result in a punishment. In other words: if we ask you to stop something, stop it.
  5. No porn, gore, disgusting/disturbing, or blatantly-NSFW content at all. We do not allow this content anywhere in our community. If you aren't sure whether something is okay or not, it's most likely not. Contact our staff members if you have questions about certain content.
  6. Do not spam, flood or otherwise disrupt the chat. Do not post any content that is needlessly large, flashing (seizure-inducting), eye straining or otherwise disruptive.
  7. Please use English when speaking in public channels. We are an English-speaking community and we ask that you respect that. This, of course, does not apply to private channels or to your user channels.
  8. No bots or self-bots. These often lead to nothing but trouble and may also break Discord's Terms of Service. Using bots, self-bots, auto-responders or any similar types of automations is therefore strictly forbidden.
  9. Do not advertise or promote other communities, game servers, or similar things. Discussing them is okay as long as it stays a discussion, but don't try to secretly advertise under the disguise of a simple discussion. It's okay to advertise your personal YouTube/Twitch/Mixer channels or similar things as long as you are being reasonable about it; don't post it excessively and think before you mention it.
  10. No doxing. Do not post or distribute private information about other users without their consent. This includes names, pictures, addresses, e-mails, phone numbers, etc. Violations of this rule may result in real-world legal actions where the law requires, so you'll be better off without this.
  11. Respect other voice chat users. When in a voice channel, please ensure your microphone is working properly and is not echoing/loud/disruptive. You are encouraged to use Push-to-Talk.
  12. Do not abuse the music system. Adding unnecessarily long tracks, troll-voting others, or any other types of disruptive behavior are not allowed. Your permission to use the music system may be permanently revoked in such a case.
  13. Do not abuse OpalBot. Our server bot, OpalBot, is developed in-house for Crescent's use. Do not abuse or spam her commands - the cooldown system is there for a reason. If you found a bug or an exploit in her, disclose it to one of the developers in private immediately and do not abuse it.


Trying to abuse the wording or interpretation of our rules (a.k.a. loopholing) may still result in a punishment. Skirting close to the rules to cause issues may also result in a punishment. Remember: don't be an ass.

We reserve the right to punish as we deem necessary, regardless of the circumstances. All of our staff members are qualified to deal with varying situations and their decision is final0