End Theme A Collection of Metal/Rock End Themes with Icons

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Feb 11, 2020
A Mercurian Summer - Angel Vivaldi------------------------- 2:47-3:10 Here is a image that could be used for the icon. Image
Go Alone - Hell or Highwater, M. Shadows---------------- 0:20-0:42 Image
Roses for the Dead - Funeral For A Friend----------------- 0:55-1:15 Image
Skylasher - Lee McKinney------------------------------------------ 1:13-1:33 Image
The Heart From Your Hate - Trivium-------------------------- 1:10-1:30 OR 3:15-3:37 Image
The Sin And The Sentence - Trivium-------------------------- 2:36-3:05 Image
9099 - Danger Silent--------------------------------------------------- 2:03-2:25 Image
Cross Off - Mark Morton, Chester Bennington----------- 1:17-1:40 Image
Monster Of My Own - NeverWake------------------------------ 2:20-2:40 Image
The Reckoning - Within Temptation, Jacoby Shaddix 1:01-1:25 Image

Most of these would work with a T end but 9099, Roses for the Dead, and Reckoning would be good Innos. I know this a lot of tracks but I figured more options would be better. I'd be happy to see even one of these added. I have a lot more to suggest that I might get around to later on. I would appreciate any feedback yall have to give.