Rules Add A 'Weapons Traits' Disclaimer To The Rules Page

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Oct 15, 2019
I would like to suggest that a small section dedicated to Weapons Traits be added near the top of the Rules page. Since Weapon Traits are a big part of the server, there should at least be a disclaimer that using some Traits can be considered Traitorous in certain situations. I know that these situations fall under common-sense logic, but they're still some people that don't understand the common-sense concept. I'm not asking to have anything directly specific added to the rule page, just something like:

Weapon Traits
Keep in mind that some Weapon Traits can cause damage/harm to other players. When said Traits are used in certain situations, it can be considered as a Traitorous act. Likewise, you will be responsible for any RDM that may be caused by the use of a Weapon Trait.​

The reason I'm making this suggestion is two-fold.
  1. I've seen people abusing a couple of Weapon Traits to purposefully commit RDM. Having a disclaimer takes away their excuse that they didn't know it was wrong.
  2. I think it will help improve the overall gameplay. In some instances, death trains occur when someone is killed for using a Weapon Trait in a harmful situation, and then the player who killed them is killed, and so on because people don't understand that a Traitorous act has occurred.
It should also be noted that one cannot kill based on suspicion of the use of a Weapon Trait. They must have certainty that they witnessed the person use the Weapon Trait in a Traitorous way.
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Aug 8, 2019
+1, I agree that it's worth adding and not as an entire section, but as a notice.
I think there's merit to a short line to make it clear that traits aren't above being traitorous to use.
That said, I think it should be an addendum under traitorous acts, rather than at the top of the rules.

I suggest adding it as a note at the top, under traitorous actions, similar to these:

Jason Bourne

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Aug 11, 2019
+1 to this, I have taken damage from weapon traits myself randomly, but some of these are kinda unpreventable as one requires a reload to drop a bomb.