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Aug 8, 2019
Now if some of you played GMOD tower or Tower unite there is an infected gamemode on there, everyone spawns with the same loadout, whatever the dev's choose, and they fight off the waves of infected players
Infected players need to melee the non infected players to infect them and they need to infect everyone before the time is run out to win.

We had a version of this on minigames that Opal you have the perms to, or you can just strip it from Tower unite like Mochi did and do it that way.
Or you can do it like MW3 style where the starting people spawned with tomahawks or something and when they infect someone they only have their knifes left.

Would be a cool fun round to see added.

Now I know people will have concerns on this fun round.

In virus aka infected mode, players are unable to jump > stops bhop spamming or strafe jumping to hard spots.
Disable traits so people are unable to grav or kb all across the map.
You can make the infected players have bonus health if their regular hp is low and easy for the non infected to win.
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