Weapon Adding a Springfield

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Crescent Plus
Feb 23, 2020
I dont think we are gonna add non csgo weapons for a while, reason being csgo has balanced classes of guns.
I personally agree with springfield being added but the only way to balance something like a sniper with no scope would to make it a one shot with mods otherwise it would be worse in every way to other snipers


The Reaper
Crescent Plus
Aug 14, 2019
Maybe adding springfield for the next update? Or a sniper with no scope?

Currently they don’t plan on adding non cs go weapons for quite a while as said by people such as: Opalium, Verified, and Moichi (Previous Developer). CS: GO still has a few weapons from it’s arsenal that may make it’s way into crescent, like the sg 553, dual berretas, and mp5sd minus the sd!

All In All, I just wanted to clear some stuff up for you that I thought may be helpful regarding your suggestion most likely it won’t just be flat out denied, (no promises tho) however it isn’t something that will be considered currently :)

ill fix up this post later tonight to make it more clear and helpful as its a mess right now my apologies
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