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New Member
Sep 21, 2019
Hey guys:
Most of you guys know me, The Toxic ass kid, but that only happens if i know you well. Any who Ill hang around for a little and join some of my old friends Jesus its been awhile but Hello if you didn't know before my name is Mith, or Shadow What ever you like to call me I've been here before around the beginning but not as much
So uh yeah since im home all day and prob gonna rage on Overwatch imma be here but hopefully I reunite with my old friends and fuck around again. Ive been just havin fun and playing other games and just took a break from Gmod but I'll be here sometimes.

Well you know me now and uh we going back to the toxic ex *[email protected]! days (some of u guys know what that is ::oo::

Any-who uhhhh Recoil k byeeee
hehhe ^^ if anyone remembers That was a good memory