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Making a chicken out of a feather!
Crescent Plus
Aug 11, 2019
I would like to see bad luck prevention systems for both being traitor/detective and fun rounds.

It would basically just consist of each round without having a special role would increase your odds of having a special role and resets once you have that special role. (This could be for just traitors too since I know some people despise being detectives and would add complexity to the system.) For the role weighting it has already been implemented on the workshop here.

For fun rounds it would be each round without there being a fun round the odds of there being a fun round would increase and would reset upon there being a fun round. (I was thinking +1-2% per round without fun round starting at 0%.)

Both of these should persist through map cycles.
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Shining Justice
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
The fun round incrementation needs to be increased but yeah I agree.