Weapon Balance skins

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Pijon mustard
Crescent Lite
Aug 8, 2019
Given what Veri recently said about weapon skins no longer being able to drop above their own tier, I think something needs to change with this so that there's a reason to invest in precious guns. If you really like the ak redline, you should be able to have a way to invest time and resources into it without being punished with only 3 mod slots.

Proposal: Upgrade consumables.
These would only be craftable, and would increase the mod slots on a gun from 3 to 4. The recipe would be 2 or 3 exotics. (Not set on whether or not exotic mods would be allowed for this)
This could also be done for legendary effects, but there isn't as good of an argument for this.

The crafting recipes are expensive, so you'd really have to think about it before doing it, but it allows you to use skins you like without being penalized even if that skin isn't exotic+

Alternatively, just allow skins to drop above their tier again. The point of having skins is to allow people to choose how they want to play, so the weapon skin shouldn't affect the power level of the gun.


⚖️ Church of Nemesis ⚖️
Crescent Infinity
Aug 9, 2019
yeah I honestly don't know why the change was made. I mean, I guess I can kinda see where veri's coming from but the argument is so paper thin that it's hard for me to take seriously.

I can honestly say that I like maybe 25% of the current legendary skins and that number is already pretty generous. as an example I like Abyss (which would normally be locked at precious or rare, I forget) but actually really don't like blood in the water. but now I'm fucked out of having a cool gun that I like and it being viable because I miss out on 1/2 mod slots, it's more applicable to other weapon classes, but you get the idea.

my +1 goes to the alternate idea of just returning it to original and allowing skins to drop higher rarities than what they are listed in box, but I'd be ok-ish with the upgrade idea.

let me have an AK redline with rainbow tracer.
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Lavernius Tucker

New Member
Crescent Lite
Oct 19, 2019
+1 to letting skins drop at higher rarities
I think a really good example for this is the AK only having one exotic skin but having 2 or 3 legendary skins

This can obviously be fixed by adding more exotic AK skins but as is, peacemaker isn’t great and redline is good but you’re dropping a mod slot for an aesthetic difference, which is a TERRIBLE trade


Penguins > Pigeons
Crescent Infinity
Aug 8, 2019
yeah i'd +1 this even tho you'e a terrible bird


Making a chicken out of a feather!
Crescent Plus
Aug 11, 2019
Yeah, I really wish there was some way to essentially strip a lower tier gun of its skin and apply it to a higher tier weapon. I’d rather be able to craft an exotic / legendary version of a lower tier skin by somehow consuming the lower tier skin and overwriting the higher tier one. That way the end user is happy and some of the lower tier skins get some more usage. This is especially true with the Himalaya skins where only one exotic version of them dropped. Like, I’d love a way to overwrite the skin at a cost.