Weapon Balancing the HUGE

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Crescent Plus
Aug 15, 2020
I have noticed that the huge is a below average grade weapon on the server and I have an idea on how to buff it, but I would also like to hear the community's view on the weapon and how they think the gun should be changed to fit more in line with the other weapons of CTTT. My proposition is that we buff the headshot damage from 20 to 25 as I think that would be a better starting point for the headshot multiplier to lie at until you put mods onto it. Another idea is buffing the body damage the weapon has. I find myself using 150 bullets on 3 people more often than most and other guns like smgs and ars can get 5 kills in one clip depending on the trait and mods. The Huge has a problem with crowd control, which is weird bc it is a LMG and should be decent at killing crowds. I'm not saying it should destroy everyone, just make it a viable gun to use because right now it is quiet possibly the worst gun on the server. Anyways, as I said, I would like to hear ideas from everyone.
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