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we ballin my ninjas ⛹️
Crescent Lite
Aug 8, 2019
Alright, this one might sound a bit weird but hear me out.

So this will be a detective item, and it will take the slot of your Radar (meaning you can only buy one or the other, not both).

This item will display a number where your normal radar cooldown timer is, and this number is the distance between you and the nearest unidentified body. It won't show a direction, just a distance, meaning it's up to you to play the hot and cold game to find the body.


New Member
Crescent Lite
Oct 8, 2019
As someone whose default behavior is scouring the map for clues so I can surprise people, I really like this idea, even if it is stupidly difficult in practice.

We can call it... the vulture sensor.
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