Accepted Bring back login rewards

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Crescent Infinity
Aug 8, 2019
The login rewards have been removed now for the better part of 3 months. I feel like it could've had a rework rather than being removed completely.

In general i feel like it should benefit players who login everyday. With shards, CC, some cases etc like it was before just increase the amount. Rather than giving a player 10 shards give them 100 shards (2 cases) keep the cc the same like 25/50 maybe 50/75, and rather than giving someone just one case. Give them x3 regular cases after 3/4 days of login whatever you want to do, then when they hit 7/8 days you can give them 2 daily rewards task cases where they can choose what case they want.

People can suggest different things here what they think could improve the reward system.
Not open for further replies.