WepMod Buff Big Caliber

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Lavernius Tucker

Crescent Plus
Oct 18, 2019
This mod sucks and it’s not even the mod’s fault, it’s the way mag size is calculated when you stack big caliber with extended mags

I figured this out when I put extended mags 3 and big caliber 3 on my M4A1, and I assumed this would put the mag size at around 21 rounds since the total mag size modifier would be something like -16%
But instead I get 14 because that’s actually NOT how it works and the mag size modifier total was -56% due to some strange math

If mag size modifiers were changed to be additive I think this would make big caliber a much more enticing mod to run in combination with extended mags, especially on guns that already benefit from extended mags and quick hand (basically all of them) but are a little weird to use rumble or other situational mods on
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