Other Buff Daily/Weekly crates

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Crescent Lite
Aug 8, 2019
With the recent buff to normal crates (which was amazing btw), both daily and weekly crates have felt extremely underwhelming. I honestly can't tell any difference between opening an uncommon daily crate and a normal crate most of the time, because the rewards are so close together. Weeklies are just a guaranteed rare item, which is something you already get like 33% of the time from normal crates.

I think that the rare/precious droprates from daily crates should be adjusted to be higher (and maybe exo just by a tiny bit) and the odds of getting a precious from a weekly crate should be substantially higher than what it is right now.

What might follow is that the exotics droprate from monthly crates might need to get buffed too, but that's hard to say right now when there's no new monthlies to do yet.


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Crescent Infinity
Aug 8, 2019
I said this in the staff chat already.

I really do feel like the tasks crates are underwhelming and since they are a "task" especially a weekly crate should have a higher chance of a precious/exo and a ever so slight higher chance of a legendary.

In probably 2 months i've had probably around 7-8 blues from daily cases and nothing else, weeklies only blues never one precious + and monthlies only purples. Makes the grind underwhelming and kind of worthless if you have a slight chance of a legendary, just spam open normal cases you have a higher chance and it is a hell of a lot less effort