Other Cannibal Trait

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Certified Gamer
Crescent Plus
Aug 22, 2020
It would be if there was a trait called cannibal or something where you can eat dead bodies to get health. Because of how useful it would be (getting rid of bodies and healing), maybe it has a sort of really long cooldown to balance it. Like maybe theres a minute long cooldown and upon activation you have a time frame of 3 seconds where you can press e on bodies and instead of inspecting/identifying it despawns them, giving the user some set amount of health. To make this a cooler thing, maybe something like the longer the bodies are dead for the less health you gain from eating them.


Hardcore Member
Crescent Plus
Jul 30, 2020
Getting rid of bodies is (and should be) considered traitorous. Cannibal is actually a traitor weapon on other servers so new players might get confused. I would prefer this as a traitor weapon, but I don't think Opal wants traitors to have healing items. There is also Leech already though it works different.