Other Changes to Current Fun Rounds

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Crescent Lite
Oct 16, 2019
All Fun Rounds
Make it so anyone tied for 'Most Kills' gets a reward.​

Make defensive kills (kills made against the person targeting you) count towards your overall kill count. If I've killed 3 targets, and 1 pursuer, I should get most kills at 4 total rather than someone who killed 3 targets and no pursuers.​

Gun Game
If possible, it would be a nice quality of life change to edit the spawning mechanics of this game mode. On several occasions, I have noticed that when players spawn, they don't move and simply start shooting at people that they see. The game then spawns someone else in the same location, and they get stuck inside of each other. It would also be nice to have some custom spawns added for this specific game-mode on a per-map basis. There have been occasions where I personally have spawned in a completely isolated area, and it puts myself and whoever else spawns in that location at a severe disadvantage because there are simply no other players to shoot, and you have to waste precious time walking to the main area of a map where everyone is currently deathmatching.​

Same sort of thing as above. It would be cool to have custom spawns based on teams for each map for this game mode. In its current state, this game mode isnt very fun because most of the time, the teams are intertwined at the spawns and people just instantly die. So my suggestion is for each team to spawn in a separate area, and players have to work through the map together.​
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Oct 17, 2019
+1, these should all be implemented.


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Aug 8, 2019


Crescent Infinity
Oct 20, 2019
also show the number of kills below their name because some people have long names and we cant see how many kills they got for the fun rounds it applies to, also the winning team should get 15 shards in tdm