Cleaning is good for the soul

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Aug 8, 2019
Man. If you would've told me that as a kid I would've scoffed. But damned if it aint true.
A little backstory that might make more sense: I grew up in a kinda abusive home, moved in with my friend and his mom (now bf and MIL) and have been here 8 years. A lot has happend and his mom is semi-absuive as well. She moved out 4 years ago, came back a year later and was worse than before etc. She moved out 6 months ago (for the final time) and it's honeslty taken this long for this to feel like my house.

SO. I finally cleaned out the fridge of everything the MIL left. EVERYTHING. Even tho most of it was hella expired (she's a hoarder) I threw it all away, expired, not, bowls full of food that's at least 8 months old, EVERYTHING.

I've been wanting to cook more now too, since I've been trying to lose weight and eating out isn't really the best at helping with that lmao. (and she's one of those hateful "oh if you have kids what are you gonna do just feed them mac and cheese every day :pie_eyeroll:")

It's starting to finally feel like my house guys. And even tho I'm exhausted cause it's bedtime for me, I feel a whole new energy. :D

I just wanted to share with you guys. If you're feeling in a dump, even tho it's literally the last thing you wanna ever do, sometimes cleaning tricks your mind into feeling a little better.
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Aug 10, 2019
Nice job on sorting that out and getting it done! I have the same thing just with my room, where I am in and out and often stay away or work til about 1-2am it ends up super cluttered and messy. Just taking the time to clean up makes me feel genuinely 50% happier for as long as it stays tidy. Such a good feeling!