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Arctic Freeze

New Member
Oct 9, 2019
Currently there isnt a way (as far as I know) to Identify where a weapon came from when it was unboxed (aside from skinned ones, but even then you have to look through the crates). This simple QoL suggestion moves to change that by adding something like the example below:

If you guys have any suggestions on it or how it could be improved please dont hesitate to post below!


New Member
Oct 11, 2019
With the possibility of more crates being added in the future, this would be a nice thing to add so we aren't hovering over each item to see where it came from. +1


Active Member
Crescent Plus
Oct 16, 2019
I wouldn't mind the, "unboxed from (crate) collection" thing. +1 but
Might also be cool to track who unboxed the item and when tbh
idk if I want someone else's name tied to a gun I may own in the future...I mean, can you imagine? You get your dream gun, but it smells like stinky fish because some guy named Dolph1n was the one who unboxed it....gross Dolph1n @Ghoulph1n :sneakylove:. However, +1 to when the item was unboxed.


I'd be okay with the implementation of an 'item owner ticket' which when used, adds your player name to the suffix of a gun. For instance, if my Deagle was named Bird Exterminator and I used an 'item owner ticket' on it, it would now say FrostedBlade's Bird Exterminator in the description. The suffix would remain even if the item was traded unless an 'item owner removal ticket' was used, or another 'item owner ticket' to override it.
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