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Sep 14, 2019
Currently you can unlock 12 exclusive halloweeen items, this takes 10 spaces out of the 100 of your inventory meaning you are left with 90 slots. With upcoming new events like the christmas event, that will take even more spaces from your inventory

Those who have played Destiny 2 might be familiar with this idea, since its basically a ripoff 👀

Every exclusive item that is not tradeable/no shards value that you unlock or buy from the event shop should be registered to this collection book, like the items from the halloween event,.

This collection book allows you to scrap the items you dont want to keep in your space, because:
1. its taking too much space
2. you are not using it at the moment

When you decide to use one of the items, you simply open the collection book and spawn it in your inventory once, this could be done for free or it can be charged for. The items that you spawn in have the same value as how you received them in the first place.

Weapons that you have leveled and modded like for example the AK47 | Mummy lose its value when you scrapped them, so if you spawn them in, they'll end up as a clean AK47 | Mummy.

Another example:
I have unlocked three halloween models; Zack's Halloween Costume, Ghostface and Nurse.
For the time being i will only be using the Ghostface, because i like how its looking, thus wont be using the other 2 models. I scrap these 2 models and now i have 2 more inventory space.
After a week of playing i got tired of the Ghostface model and decide to use the Nurse model, I open the collection book and spawn in a Nurse that i unlocked/bought during the halloween event.


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Aug 11, 2019
This would be a great solution. Kinda like how once you use the emoji capsule it is added to your account and doesn’t count against your inventory space. I think this could only be used for cosmetics (every item except the AK-47 and melee weapons) since it’s just a Boolean in a database.


The Reaper
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Aug 14, 2019
I’d just add a book that lets u keep em in it seperate from ur inv so i can have one for each event but shrug plus 1