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Oct 20, 2019
Currently when scrapping any crafted item you get 0 shards which makes sense, if it did there would be easy ways to get shards

Here is my suggestion though, whenever crafting items items that are non crafted add there shard values and place it onto that newly crafted item

so crafting a tier 2 mod with 5 tier 1 mods would make a tier 2 that scraps for 25 shards

next example would be crafting a tier 3, say you had crafted 2 tier 2 mods and dropped 3 tier 2 mods when crafting you add the value of the 3 that were dropped so the tier 3 that is being crafted would scrap for 300 shards

This might not seem like much but it would be nice quality of life stuff
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Aug 8, 2019
I can see your sense tbh that it costs the same amount as the things it was made to craft with.

Whether it could be implemented or not is another thing but im sure Opalium @Opalium and veri @veri could figure it out
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