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Arctic Freeze

New Member
Oct 9, 2019
I currently dont think the way we craft is very fluid as of now, I don't like having to select the amount of crates purchasable every time I go to craft. What I propose takes this:

and change it into this:

It would be individually set for each crafting tab (mainly for crates) and would save upon selection to make crafting the Items easier and more fluid when going to craft crates.

Tell me what you think below or if you have any Ideas of your own!
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IQ below 0
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
I mean.. Yes please. But if we're doing this, can we do it all the way and have it calculate the total shard cost - particularly for crates?
Like, say you haven't bought any crates yet, and you wanna craft 5. When you select craft x5 instead of craft x1, the price displayed on screen changes from 25 to the sum of their crafting price (25+40+60+...). It'd make sense for the end user to have their total displayed before confirming :LOL-:
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