Selling Crescent Cash and Crescent Cash exclusive items

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Aug 8, 2019
Current Rate for CC:

Current Cost for Reforgers:

figured i'd might as well put up a market post just to make sure people are always aware, at least whoever checks here.

i'm pretty much always selling Crescent Cash so you don't have to spend your irl money on a virtual server :)

you can either purchase Crescent Cash directly from me, or purchase the items themselves, doesn't really matter

as you can tell, reforgers have their own pricing independent of the current ratio of shard-to-cc, and both prices are always subject to change at a moment's notice

everything in the store is available, from ranks to in-game items like paints, task reroll tickets, mod removers, and more.

you can either leave a response here with an amount or items you'd like to purchase, message or tag me in the trading channel on discord, or just ask in-game.
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