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Jason Bourne

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Aug 11, 2019
Merry Christmas-Final 1920x1080.jpg

*I know there is already a mega thread but these were all of my ideas incorporated in a post.*

Initial Join in:
- Everyone receives one present free that contains something

Presents or Stockings - Presents model - Stockings model

Boss Rounds: - Patriarch BOSS 1( Opal ) - Darth Santa Boss 2 ( Helix )
- Santa Clause Boss 3 ( Veri ) - Festive Kashima Boss 4 ( Mochi )
Boss round: Bad Santa

Description: All the terrorists got coal on their Christmas on CTTT and they want revenge on Santa. Seeing what they're doing, Santa decided that if they want their gifts, they have to fight him in a form of Snowball Fight!

How to Play: Players will be teaming up against a player controlled Santa Claus which has 5k-10k HP (Depending on the player size). all the players have unlimited snowballs that deals 25 dmg per snowball.

Upon defeating santa, top 5 players will get 2-3 crates/a holiday themed weapon or a throwable snowball.

If santa wins, the players don't get items. The player who controls santa will either get an item depending on how much health he has. If he has a high health(Above 60%) he will get a holiday themed weapon, if his health falls between 35-59% he will get a snowball, and if his health falls below 35%, he will get 3-5 crates.

how to start the round: A floating cookie will spawn on a round, whoever gets it will trigger the boss round on the next round and will be the boss.
- Spook Crate

Crowbar Skin Drops:
- Candy Cane

Fun Rounds:
Snowball Fight - works like tomahawk rounds - Snowball Swep

Player Models: - Jack Skeleton - Christmas Stormtrooper's (Celebration of the release of the new Film!)

Gloves: - Festive Arms - Ugly Christmas Santa gloves

- Snowman Head

1571950730614.png - Christmas Town
1571950764637.png - Christmas Bedroom
- Christmas Bowling
1571950838219.png - TTT Panic Room Chrismas.
1571950854271.png - Christmas Lodge
1571950889332.png - Christmas Pool - Snowy 67th Way - Christmas island


"Merry Christmas, the shitter was full."

"The Rant at 4min"
"No no were all in this together"


"01.20 Elf - Santa oh my god i know him!"

"Bells jingling"

"Santa Ho Ho Ho's"

End Round Music:

Metallica - Carol of the Bells
Jingle Bell Rock Remix (A Trappy Christmas)
Here Comes Santa Claus (Trap Remix)
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer (Trap Remix)
Ronettes - Sleigh Bells (PhatCap! Trap Remix)
Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Trap Remix)
Santa Baby Trap Remix
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! (Trap Remix)


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Aug 8, 2019
Personally I'd like us to move away from Boss fights for every single event, they'd become super stale I think.

+1 to the rest though!

I agree with the +1 to the rest but i don't know, i enjoyed the boss rounds. It gave you something to do that was unique that would allow you to gain a special item only required by that way.

However im sure another shop will open with christmas themed items like halloween and i'm hopeful opal has something unique in store that can allow everyone to get the unique items for christmas.

I'd like to see some more skins added though. 2 isn't that many
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