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Hi Crescent!
Our forums have been upgraded! We are now running the newest version of XenForo, 2.2, which adds a whole set of neat features to this place.
In this thread, I'll go over the main changes this update brings. Take a seat!

Crescent Forums - now 100% cooler.

Voting System For Suggestions


Our suggestion forums now include a built-in up/down vote system, allowing you to quickly express your opinion on the many suggestions we receive. This makes it easier for both you and us to quickly see what ideas are more popular, and which ones should be sent back to the drawing board.

Reimagined Posting Experience


XF 2.2 features a completely redesigned rich-text editor, with lots of improvements, fixes, and new features. For example:​
  • A better toolbar, with better icons and better support for different screen sizes.​
  • New BB codes, such as Heading and Horizontal Line.​
  • Better preview of the output, including properly rendered quotes and more.​
  • Built-in GIF support through GIPHY.​
  • Better draft saving mechanism - no more randomly losing posts.​
  • And more...​

Announcements Section Redesign


The announcements section has also been changed into the shiny new "Articles" design, which displays the threads in a blog-like layout and gives you a preview of what to expect in every thread. There's a big image showcase, an excrept from the thread, and generally a more pleasant viewing experience. Hurrah!

Username History


The self-service username system has been improved with a new feature: username history! You can now see what other names another user was known under using this nifty little icon on their profile/tooltip.
This is a good place to remind you that Crescent's forums allow you to change your username once a month for free! To do so, simply visit your account details page and click the "Change" button near your username.

Activity Summary Emails


Going AFC (Away from Crescent) for a while? No worries, we've got your back: a fully fledged summary of everything that you missed in Crescent, straight to your email! From new people who joined the community to the latest and hottest threads; it's all there for you to browse through.
Of course, this is all completely optional. You can always opt-out of this by going to your account preferences and unticking the checkbox.

Put Crescent's forums on your home screen!

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) sound like a mouthful, but in reality they're really simple (and useful): with a single click, you may now install Crescent's forums as an app/shortcut on your home screen, whether it is your PC desktop or your mobile phone's home screen. Just click the little notification that your browser will give you and you're done!

Better Full-Width Mode
The full-width page mode (which you can activate by pressing the 1602441017608.png button at the bottom of the page) has been improved to better support higher resolution displays, up to 4K! We also fixes a bug which caused the browser to sometimes forget this setting; no more random layout changes!

And More...

This upgrade includes many more small changes to our forums, including design improvements, performance gains, and bug fixes. The list is too long to go over here, but I'm sure you will see all these soon enough.

I hope you will enjoy this update! As always, if you have any feedback or ideas on how to improve it, let us know. You can reach me or the staff team through the suggestions forum, a forum conversation or Discord DMs. Don't be shy! I don't bite... yet.

Have fun! 🧡
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