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Crescent TTT Relaunch Date
It's time.

Hey, Crescent!

Well, there it is. After months of work, lots of feedback, and countless improvements - it's time to get this show on the road.
I am very happy to announce that Crescent TTT will officially re-launch on October 12 at 4:00 PM GMT (Other time zones).

To avoid going too far too quickly, we will be launching a single instance of CTTT at first. This will be our EU server, which is a fair middle point for most players around the globe. From here, we will launch the rest of our regions (US East and US West at the moment) according to the population and activity of the servers. The reason we do this is to avoid fragmenting our player-base too much like last time, which leads to an overall lower number of players on all fronts. Don't worry though - our server machines are up and running, and ready to spin up new instances within minutes, if required.

At long last! This was quite the journey to this point, and it's truly amazing to see all the kind words and awesome feedback coming from you, especially after our beta. Crescent took a huge leap in both its quality and scale, and it wouldn't have been possible without your generous support and love. Now that we are standing before the moment of truth, I wish all of us will be able to enjoy the fruits of this joint effort for many years to come. It's been an awesome ride, and it's only going to be more awesome from here.

In Other News...
To celebrate the relaunch, and to better showcase our work and features to new members of the community, we launched a new homepage (landing page) for our website which does exactly that. If you weren't here during v1 or the beta, and not entirely sure what Crescent is all about, this page will help you understand. The homepage can be found here:
If you have any feedback or ideas for the landing page, please let me know!

You may have also noticed another new thing in the forums: avatar frames! These were lovingly crafted by the very talented Yukari (a.k.a. Koishi) as a little bonus for our current and future staff members who dedicate their time and nerves to running this community. We hope you like those! As always, please let us know if you have any feedback.

Lastly: in case you aren't in our Discord (which you should totally join if so) and missed the announcement, we will be hosting a stress-test this Saturday to check the stability and performance of CTTT. After the beta, where we noticed some performance problems in our new data system, we spent the last week optimizing and rewriting parts of it to boost the speed and reduce latency. The results look promising, but to avoid any surprises we'd like to test it further - and a stress-test is exactly the way to do that.
The stress-test will happen this Saturday, October 5th, at 3:00 PM UTC (Other time zones here). The expected run time is about three hours. Exact instructions will be given right before it, so keep an eye out for those on Discord. Of course, no progress, items or such from the test will be kept - they will all be wiped after it.

Woo! This is it, ladies and gentlemen. I am super excited, the team is super excited, and I certainly do hope you are super excited as well. As always, please do let me and the team know if there's anything you want to say - ideas, feedback, improvements or complaints. We're reachable on Discord, in Shoutbox, on Steam and in forum convos. Don't hesitate! We don't bite... yet.

Ready or not, here comes Crescent!


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Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
about time, now i can actually play on the servers instead of wanting to die because beta testing was when i was at work or asleep :cautious:
Oct 9, 2019
You really have to admire the haste and efficiency when the team combated all the bugs minutes into launch. I'm really impressed.
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