Crescent TTT Relaunch - Open Beta Announcement!

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Crescent TTT Relaunch - Open Beta
At long last - we're (almost) ready to roll.

Hey, Crescent! Thanks for joining me again.

It's time. After over two months of work, countless improvements, many overhauls, and various new features - we're ready to give you a taste of the new take on Crescent TTT. With our development plans for the relaunch now complete, I am happy to announce that we will be running the very first Open Beta next weekend, from September 20th to the 22nd. This is an open beta, meaning that (unlike our closed play tests) everyone is welcome to participate this time.

Those of you who followed us so far know that quite a lot has changed in CTTT since last time. We put much work into many areas of the game, from completely new features to major overhauls of existing ones. From the weapons and gameplay, through the economy, to the back-end and technical foundation - Crescent's Relaunch is a completely new experience.
However, all these changes also mean that there's quite a lot to test. While myself and the team have already done a whole lot of testing, as well concentrated play tests with our alpha team, some things can only be truly tested when they're out in the wild. Our goal with this beta, therefore, is double: both to gather important feedback and information from you, the players, and to discover any bugs and problems that have escaped us during our internal testing.

Given there's quite a lot to show and say about new Crescent, and also as a way to showcase our work, there are a few more things we plan to do before the Open Beta:
  1. First, the fourth and final chapter in my relaunch blog, 'The Crescent Rises Again', will be posted sometime next week, most likely on Monday or Tuesday. In it, I will dive into the last piece of the overhauls 'puzzle': the economy changes. We made some fundamental to how items, currencies, crates, and other aspects of the economy work in order to improve it, and we're be ready to finally reveal them now.
  2. The next thing is something we haven't really done before, but we believe may be interesting: with the help of ol' @helix, we will host a live stream on the topic of Crescent's relaunch. Together we'll show you around new Crescent, go over the new features and the changes, and play some rounds with our alpha testers. During the stream you're welcome to ask questions and share your thoughts on what we have so far, and we'll do our best to answer them all and interact with you. A nice evening over all - Crescent TTT, a laid back stream, and me totally sucking in TTT before a live audience. More details on the exact time and schedule will be available soon.

I'll make another thread with more specific information about the beta and how it will work in the upcoming days. Exact times, schedule, and instructions will be available then. Until then, feel free to ask any question here in the thread, on Shoutbox, or just DM me directly. I'll gladly help you out!

Woo! This is exciting. I can't wait for you all to try out the new take on Crescent. Myself and the team are pretty eager to finally get everything out there, and we hope you are just as eager to try it out. We worked hard to reach this milestone, and I assure you: it's going to be a hell of a ride. As always, I'd like to thank you all for your support and kind words up until this point, despite all that happened. May this new beginning finally bring Crescent to the glory it deserves.

Thanks for reading! See you in the next post.


Aug 8, 2019
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