Crescent TTT: The Arsenal Update

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Crescent TTT: The Arsenal Update
"Content where? Content here!"

Hello, Crescent!

In case you aren't in our Discord, or just missed the (far too many) tags - our first major content update for Crescent TTT is live: The Arsenal Update!
With heavy emphasis on weapons and all that's around them, and more than double the content CTTT had so far, this update is packed full of awesome things for you to try. WepMods, Traits, a new weapon - and loads of weapon skins. There are also new maps, some balance changes, and many bug fixes and code improvements.

Lock and load, Crescent; your arsenal just got really, really big.

The MAG-7
There's a new weapon is (terrorist) town.


Say hello to the MAG-7, the newest addition to Crescent's weapons roster. This shotgun is known for its unusual reloading technique: it uses a magazine rather than usual one-by-one reload of other shotguns. This means reloading it will always provide you with a full clip - but will take longer than the time takes to load a single pellet in other shotguns. Quite the twist!
The MAG-7 excels at close quarter exchanges and can quickly take down any target that gets too close, but loses that advantage quickly as soon as the range to your target grows too much. It's fast - faster than any other shotgun - but its speed is also its weakness, and rapid firing will quickly make it very inaccurate. This is the glass-cannon of shotguns, and should be treated as such: use it wisely and it will reward you greatly; misuse it, and you will most likely find yourself dead.

Weapon Skins: The Arsenal Collection
We're going big.


If you're out for blood, make sure you look good doing it.
With the Arsenal update, we're introducing over 70(!!) new skins into the game - more than double the current amount! With each weapon finally getting at least one skin in each tier, there's always something to look forward to now. Can you collect them all?

The Skyfrost Collection


Here's a special one: this update features a special, Crescent-exclusive collection of skins by the super-talented CS:GO skin creator SkyFrost. The result is 28 amazing looking skins, all of which are exclusive to our community. That's right: you won't find these beauties anywhere else!

We'd like to extend our sincerest gratitude to SkyFrost and his amazing work, for kindly agreeing to collaborate with us and for making these beautiful skins.
Check out the rest of his work here!

Steam Profile | Workshop Items

Control the battlefield.

The Arsenal update introduces 3 new Traits, 2 reworked Traits, and many improvements to the rest of the roster.
What unholy plays will you be able to do with these? We can't wait to see!



A Double-Edged Sword
If "high-risk, high reward" was a Trait, Amplify would be it. With this new Trait, you can instantly boost your weapon damage by a significant amount, but at the cost of increasing all incoming damage too. Timing and precision is crucial with this Trait, or else you'll find yourself dead faster than ever before.
Can you master this powerful new tool in your collection?



Take Back Control
Repulse is all about controlling the battlefield around you. When used, your weapon will release a powerful pulse of energy that immediately pushes everyone a great distance away from you. It's like a discombobulator on steroids and at your command.
Push unsuspecting players off the edge, force your enemies into hazards, or quickly disorient an incoming attacker. Pulse is your tool for turning the tides in your favor when they least expect it.
Let's see what you can make out of this!



They Cannot Hide Forever
Knowledge is power, and Sonar is here to give you exactly this sort of power. When used, your weapon unleashes a special, high-frequency sonar pulse in an area around you, revealing anyone caught in it for a few seconds. Use Sonar to intercept incoming aggressors, seek out a fleeing enemy, or find a safe escape route. It's all within hand now.
What will you do with this new pair of eyes?

Blackhole Rework


Gravity At Your Command
The reworked Blackhole Trait takes the old mechanic to a whole new level. When activated, your weapon will create an actual blackhole at your location, trapping nearby players in its gravity field and constantly pulling them in for the entire duration. Do I really have to say anything else? I'm sure you know just what to do.

Bleed Rework


Death Comes Slowly
Once a WepMod, this deadly mechanic now comes in the form of a Trait, buffed and more powerful than ever. When triggered, Bleed will cause your target to slowly lose health over time, leaving them weak and giving you the upper-hand even without directly fighting them. Sneaky sneaky!

Other Changes

Damage: 35 -> 45 | Cooldown: 0s -> 20s | Delay: 2s -> 1s
Now activates as a regular Trait rather than on reload
No longer allowed on shotguns

Gravity & Knockback
Passive effect merged into active effect
Will no longer affect yourself if you crouch
Taking damage now disables the effect even if it's already active
Disable time: 3s -> 1s

Spread reduction: 0% -> 33% | Duration: 15s -> 8s | Cooldown: 30s -> 25s

Activation weapon drop replaced with 1s of firing delay

Overheat weapon drop replaced with 2s of firing delay

Cooldown: 0s -> 15s
Now targets any player you damage

Two new WepMods join Crescent TTT this update, both of which are intended to help you better utilize your Traits.





Balance Changes

Now installs into the Handguard slot

Now installs into the Ammunition slot

Now installs into the Ammunition slot

Now installs into the Barrel slot

Now installs into the Magazine slot

Quick Aim
Now also nullifies the movement penalty when aiming down the sights

Fun Rounds
Explosions, explosions, explosions!

Bomb Rush


Time is Ticking...
Bomb Rush puts you into a crazy race against time, in a rush to keep yourself (mostly) intact, based on the ol' "hot potato" kids game. Every few seconds, one or more players are given a live bomb with a 10 seconds fuse. The goal is to pass it over to another player before it explodes and kills whoever holds it. As the round progresses, less players remain, and your chance of getting the bomb grows. Can you be the last terrorist standing?

Barrel Blast


Kasta Would've Been Proud
How many barrels are too much? What a stupid question; you can never have too much barrels, and Barrel Blast is here to prove it. Fire countless HVBs and dodge incoming ones in this fast-paced and very deadly free for all, armed with nothing but the infamous K-AS TA-3000. Regular barrels, explosive barrels, more barrels, and even more barrels - get ready for a blast!


We hope you guys will enjoy what we made for you today! The Arsenal update is the result of the effort of the developers here on Crescent, but also of a few more people who made this possible. I'd like to thank:
  • SkyFrost, the very talented skin maker who teamed up with us for this update, and is responsible for almost 30 of the skins included in this update. Check out the rest of this work here: Steam Workshop
  • @Methelin, for his awesome map Complex 67 which is included in this update, as well as for assisting me in various tasks while preparing this update.
  • veri @veri, who somehow still hasn't lost his mind from working with me on a daily basis. :sneakylove:
  • Torbjörn @Torbjörn, @Pigeon, @MiGGo, @JacobNic, @D3F4ULT, @Harvest, and many more players who suggested great ideas that helped shape this update.
You guys and girls are the best, and I hope our joint effort will bring you all much joy. :LOL-:

Have fun!


Making a chicken out of a feather!
Crescent Plus
Aug 11, 2019
Opalium @Opalium and veri @veri keep up the good work with these updates. I know that there have been several issues and many frustrated players with the update process but it is to be expected with such a large update. Crescent stands out from every other TTT server I have in many ways, especially when it comes to listening to community feedback. I can only wait to see what the future holds!


Stay awesome
Jun 21, 2019
Patch Notes - December 3rd 2019
This is a bug fixes follow-up patch. No gameplay changes were made.

  • MAG-7
    • Fixed the missing weapon icon when searching bodies.
  • Reapalium's Reaper - Hellix's Hellraiser - Terrified's Thrasher
    • Fixed the missing weapon icons when searching bodies.
  • HUGE
    • Kills with the HUGE now properly leave DNA and indicate the victim was killed by bullets when searching its body.
  • Tazer
    • Tazed players will now receive their equipped crowbar instead of only the default one when they're back up.
  • Tomahawk
    • The crosshair now draws properly when holding a Tomahawk.
    • Fixed a bug where tomahawks respawn slower than intended in "Tomahawk Throwers" fun rounds.
  • Glock
    • The Glock | Balance skin is now named properly.
  • Rejuvenator
    • Healing with the Rejuvenator now properly progresses the "Medic!" task.

  • Backstab - Longshot - Rumble - Stability - Swticheroo
    • The new icons for these WepMods should now download for all players. If you still see the old icon, type "crescent_clear_icons" in console.

  • Amplify
    • Fixed a bug where Amplify amplified incoming damage wayyyy more than intended.
  • Bleed
    • Can no longer be triggered during fun rounds.
  • Efficiency
    • Fixed a potential error when the active effect ends.
  • Warp
    • Warp now properly triggers even if your target died.

The Hub
  • Items
    • Added the new grenade items to all six weapon caches.
    • The Glock | Astral skin no longer incorrectly appears in the Zeta weapon cache.
  • Inventory
    • Fixed a bug where some of the new icons introduced in the Arsenal update (e.g. new WepMod icons, new cache icons) did not update for some players.
    • If you still don't see the new icons, please use the console command crescent_clear_icons to force the game to download them again.
  • Tasks
    • Task Reroll Tickets now work properly again.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented task rerolls from loading sometimes.

  • Fun Rounds
    • Barrel Blast: fixed a bug where the K-AS TA-3000 would sometimes not fire properly.
    • Bomb Rush: improved the bomb passing code to make it more reliable.
    • Bomb Rush: the bomb holder now moves faster, as intended.
    • Gun Game: fixed an uncommon console error related to the round.
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