Crescent TTT: The Arsenal Update

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Crescent TTT: The Arsenal Update
"Content where? Content here!"

Hello, Crescent!

In case you aren't in our Discord, or just missed the (far too many) tags - our first major content update for Crescent TTT is live: The Arsenal Update!
With heavy emphasis on weapons and all that's around them, and more than double the content CTTT had so far, this update is packed full of awesome things for you to try. WepMods, Traits, a new weapon - and loads of weapon skins. There are also new maps, some balance changes, and many bug fixes and code improvements.

Enter the Update Site:
The Arsenal Update

But wait, there's more!
That's not all for this update, though. We also have some new cosmetics! New player models, wearables, and even a special new "thing". Unfortunately we ran into some last-minute technical problems with these, and had to delay their release to next week, on December 6th. Keep an eye on Discord (or here) for more information, and save a bit for those juicy new crates... 😉

We hope you guys will enjoy what we made for you today! The Arsenal update is the result of the effort of the developers here on Crescent, but also of a few more people who made this possible. I'd like to thank:
  • SkyFrost, the very talented skin maker who teamed up with us for this update, and is responsible for almost 30 of the skins included in this update. Check out the rest of this work here: Steam Workshop
  • @Methelin, for his awesome map Complex 67 which is included in this update, as well as for assisting me in various tasks while preparing this update.
  • veri @veri, who somehow still hasn't lost his mind from working with me on a daily basis. :sneakylove:
  • Torbjörn @Torbjörn, @Pigeon, @MiGGo, @JacobNic, @D3F4ULT, @Harvest, and many more players who suggested great ideas that helped shape this update.
You guys and girls are the best, and I hope our joint effort will bring you all much joy. :LOL-:

Have fun!


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Crescent Plus
Aug 11, 2019
Opalium @Opalium and veri @veri keep up the good work with these updates. I know that there have been several issues and many frustrated players with the update process but it is to be expected with such a large update. Crescent stands out from every other TTT server I have in many ways, especially when it comes to listening to community feedback. I can only wait to see what the future holds!


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Jun 21, 2019
Patch Notes - December 3rd 2019
This is a bug fixes follow-up patch. No gameplay changes were made.

  • MAG-7
    • Fixed the missing weapon icon when searching bodies.
  • Reapalium's Reaper - Hellix's Hellraiser - Terrified's Thrasher
    • Fixed the missing weapon icons when searching bodies.
  • HUGE
    • Kills with the HUGE now properly leave DNA and indicate the victim was killed by bullets when searching its body.
  • Tazer
    • Tazed players will now receive their equipped crowbar instead of only the default one when they're back up.
  • Tomahawk
    • The crosshair now draws properly when holding a Tomahawk.
    • Fixed a bug where tomahawks respawn slower than intended in "Tomahawk Throwers" fun rounds.
  • Glock
    • The Glock | Balance skin is now named properly.
  • Rejuvenator
    • Healing with the Rejuvenator now properly progresses the "Medic!" task.

  • Backstab - Longshot - Rumble - Stability - Swticheroo
    • The new icons for these WepMods should now download for all players. If you still see the old icon, type "crescent_clear_icons" in console.

  • Amplify
    • Fixed a bug where Amplify amplified incoming damage wayyyy more than intended.
  • Bleed
    • Can no longer be triggered during fun rounds.
  • Efficiency
    • Fixed a potential error when the active effect ends.
  • Warp
    • Warp now properly triggers even if your target died.

The Hub
  • Items
    • Added the new grenade items to all six weapon caches.
    • The Glock | Astral skin no longer incorrectly appears in the Zeta weapon cache.
  • Inventory
    • Fixed a bug where some of the new icons introduced in the Arsenal update (e.g. new WepMod icons, new cache icons) did not update for some players.
    • If you still don't see the new icons, please use the console command crescent_clear_icons to force the game to download them again.
  • Tasks
    • Task Reroll Tickets now work properly again.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented task rerolls from loading sometimes.

  • Fun Rounds
    • Barrel Blast: fixed a bug where the K-AS TA-3000 would sometimes not fire properly.
    • Bomb Rush: improved the bomb passing code to make it more reliable.
    • Bomb Rush: the bomb holder now moves faster, as intended.
    • Gun Game: fixed an uncommon console error related to the round.
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