Crescent TTT Update: December 2019

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Crescent TTT Update: December 2019
Highly classy-fied.

Hello, Crescent!

I hope you sharpened your pitchforks recently, because this update may be a bit controversial - yet necessary. We have quite significant Wepmod changes included in this one, big Trait changes, and some other gameplay related things. The large amount of things affected by this patch is likely to spark some controversy, and we encourage you all to speak your mind and let us know what you think about all this. There's always more to improve, after all.

Pitchforks ready? Let's go.

Patch Notes - November 18th 2019


WepMod Categories Overhaul
We are replacing the current categories (slots) setup for WepMods with one that makes more sense gameplay-wise, and reorganizing all WepMods into these new categories. The current setup, which uses 'physical' areas in the weapon as slot locations, may be good for immersion but doesn't make much sense from a gameplay perspective and leads to some strange or overly powerful combinations. It didn't do a great job at fulfilling its main purpose: to prevent WepMods of the same type from being used together.

The new setup focuses on the actual gameplay attributes of the mods instead. There are four categories now, each covering a certain aspect of the weapon. They are as following:
  • Power: WepMods that enhance your damage output.
  • Performance: WepMods that improve the mechanical performance of a weapon, such as fire rate, recoil, etc.
  • Handling: WepMods that improve the handling and operation of the weapon, such as reload speed, sight usage, etc.
  • Utility: WepMods that provide misc. bonuses that are not tied directly to the weapon functionality, like movement speed or traits.
With these categories now in place, all WepMods have been re-classified as following:

Rapid Fire​
Quick Hand
Extended Mags

Power-class WepMods normalization

The current meta revolves mainly around damage enhancing WepMods - and more specifically, Destruction. Now that all damage-related WepMods are grouped together, it is easier to compare them to each other. The next step was to normalize them - tune their values so that none of them out-perform the others (a.k.a. make Destruction not the only viable option).
Our design choice here was to give situational WepMods a higher bonus than general-purpose ones. For example: Airplay, which requires the target to be in mid-air, will deal more bonus damage than Destruction, which works in all situations. We also generally reduced the damage bonuses possible from these WepMods to avoid overly-strong weapons.
  • Destruction
    Destruction is one of the most popular WepMods in Crescent, and for a reason. It provides a very good damage boost that is not dependent on any factors, yet its penalty (recoil increase) is somewhat situational and doesn't quite compensate for the raw power surge this mod can provide. We are dialing destruction back down like all other damage mods, and introducing a flat spread penalty to all tiers to further try and control this very powerful WepMod.
    • Damage: +10/20/30% -> +10/15/20%
    • Recoil: +20/40/70% -> +10/30/50%
    • Spread: +15/15/15%
  • Backstab
    Backstab turned out to be a far more common occurrence than expected. Attacking someone from behind is more common than we thought at first, and we also suspect there's a bit of engine quirkiness that causes some shots to incorrectly register as backstabs due to lag (which is out of our hands, unfortunately). TF2 Spy players will know what we mean. Anyway, given how backstab is a fairly reliable mechanic and without any other penalty, we are lowering its bonus as well to make sure it doesn't out-shine the others. The previous numbers were already far over the top, so now is a good time to address this.
    • Damage: +20/30/40% -> +15/20/25%
  • Crackshot
    Crackshot is a good example for an unreliable/situational bonus. Aiming down your sights is a risky move due to the movement speed reduction and the reduced vision range, which makes the usage of this WepMod very situational. It is therefore only fair that using it correctly will reward the operator properly.
    • Damage: +5/10/15% -> +10/20/30%
    • Damage when not ADS: -5/10/15% -> -10/10/10%
  • Longshot
    Longshot took a hit (along with its counter part Rumble) last patch with an increase to the required range. While generally achieving the results we were after, we may have turned the dial a little too much. We're slightly reducing this range to where it feels right, while still making this WepMod only reliable at actual long ranges, as intended.
    • Required distance: 22m -> 20m
  • Rumble
    Like longshot, Rumble was also nerfed quite significantly last time. Like its counterpart, we are generally happy with the output, but we can see it may have been overdone here too.
    • Required distance: 4m -> 6m
  • Marksman
    Headshots are a very sensitive mechanic to build upon. They're relatively difficult to pull off, but reward successful attempts with a massive surge of damage. Marksman, our headshot-enhancing WepMod, ended up pushing these two cases to the edge rather than enhancing them, with a very big damage boost on headshots (that already deal a ton of it) but with a stronger punishment to failed attempts. We are therefore taking it in the opposite direction now by removing the penalty and toning down the bonus.
    • Damage: +10/20/30% -> +10/15/20%
    • Damage when not HS: -10/10/10% -> 0/0/0%
  • Airplay
    Airplay remains a very tricky mechanic to pull off. Finding your target airborne is very uncommon (unless they are crouch jumping, in which case they deserve it!) and unless you use something like Knockback or Gravity (which are cooldown-limited and require a compatible weapon), Airplay is something you will trigger less than often. To compensate, we want these moments when you do pull it off to be very special and rewarding. We are therefore keeping Airplay as the highest potential damage bonus among the damage-class WepMods, only toning it back to make it fit with the general damage reduction across the board.
    • Damage: +20/40/60% -> +20/30/40%

Additional WepMod Balance changes
Not only our damage-related WepMods are being tweaked. We're making balance changes to many other WepMods today, to make sure they fit the new categories they were assigned and don't out-perform their new siblings.

  • Rapid Fire
    It's the most popular WepMod in CTTT for a reason: Rapid Fire is insanely good. Its solid DPS boost through higher fire-rate, along with the fact it was previously placed in a category that didn't really give it any competition (Sad Receiver hours) made it a no-brainer in almost every build. Now that it competes with two other very good WepMods in the Performance category, we believe it will no longer be the one and only choice of players; all that's left now is a slight dial back...
    • Fire Rate bonus: +10/20/30% -> +10/15/20%
  • Precision
    With the changes to both Rapid Fire and Destruction, there's definitely going be a need for accuracy-enhancing WepMods now to counter their negatives. To ensure this one is an attractive alternative to its new sibling Rapid Fire, we're giving Precision some love.
    • Spread: -20/30/40% -> -30/45/60%
  • Stability
    Like Precision, stability is likely to be in higher demand now with the changes to the two behemoths, Rapid Fire and Destruction. As a new direct competitor to Rapid Fire as well, Stability receives the same treatment to make it more viable in various situations.
    • Recoil: -20/30/40% -> -30/45/60%
  • Cooldown
    • Trait cooldown: -10/25/40% -> -10/30/50%
  • Persistence
    • Trait effect length: +10/20/30% -> +15/30/45%
  • Quick Aim (Sightseeing)
    • Sights state change speed: +33/50/75% -> 50/75/90%
    • Renamed to "Sightseeing" to prevent confusion with Quick Hand.
  • Quick Hand
    • Reload speed: +30/45/60% -> +30/40/50%
  • Trance
    • Movement speed: -25/25/25% -> -20/20/20%
    • Sights state change speed: -50/50/50% -> 0/0/0%

Now that enough time passed since the Trait changes of the Arsenal update, we are ready to further tweak them, armed with new data and knowledge. There are a lot of changes here too, so get ready.

  • Amplify
    Amplify, our new Trait, turned out a little underwhelming compared to the other options. The incoming damage was just too much in most cases, and didn't justify the outgoing damage boost. We're tweaking both ends to make the Trait more viable overall.
    • Incoming damage: 33% -> 25%
    • Outgoing damage: 20% -> 25%
  • Blackhole
    The reworked Blackhole mechanic turned out very good. A little too good, in fact. From an underused Trait it became one of the most popular ones, which is great news, but it definitely needs to be toned down a little bit.
    • Effect radius: 300u -> 250u
    • Duration: 3s -> 2.5s
  • Bloodlust
    Bloodlust carried its manual reload speed penalty ever since its debut in CTTT v1 as a WepMod. However, this penalty doesn't make much sense nowadays, especially not for a Trait. So... poof!
    • Manual reload speed: -50% -> 0%
  • Bombastic
    • No longer automatically swaps to the returned weapon.
  • Chronoshift
    • No longer effects the activating player.
  • Efficiency
    Efficiency is strong. Very strong. Ever since it's buff at the first balance patch, Efficiency has become the dominant Trait in CTTT. The problem lies mainly in its active, which gives too much power even for a Trait. We are changing this mechanic today to work in a way that makes more sense, in order to bring Efficiency back in line.
    • Activating this Trait causes the next 25%-of-a-magazine's worth of bullets to fire without consuming ammo from the clip.
      For example: a weapon that has 30 bullets in the clip will have 8 of them become free.
    • Cooldown: 30s -> 60s
  • Gravity & Knockback
    • Cooldown: 60s -> 30s
    • Fixed a bug where the self-effect was lower than intended.
    • Fixed a bug where taking damage would disable the effect for longer than intended.
  • Headhunter
    Headhunter is in a strange position. Its main bonus, recoil reduction, actually doesn't help that much for its purpose: scoring headshots. In most cases, the bullet spread was enough to completely counter or negate the bonus recoil reduction. As an experiment, we're going to try and turn this on its head, to see if this kind of setup helps Headhunter achieve its purpose.
    • Spread reduction: 33% -> 100%
    • Recoil reduction: 100% -> 50%
  • Leech
    • Damage reduction: 25% -> 0%
    • Cooldown: 90s -> 30s
    • Max heal per hit: 20hp -> 10hp
  • Magnet
    • Now has a 1 second warm-up after activation before the effect triggers. Firing is disabled during this warm-up.
  • Overload
    • Overheat duration: 2s -> 1s
  • Repulse
    • Cooldown: 30s -> 20s
  • Sonar
    • Now tags all players in the map, regardless of distance.
    • Cooldown: 10s -> 20s
    • Fixed various bugs with the activation of this Trait.
    • Fixed the name of the trait showing as "..." sometimes.
  • Warp
    • Now has a 1 second warm-up before warping to the target position.
      You cannot move, fire or reload during the warm-up.
    • Warp time frame: 8s -> 5s
    • Cooldown: 15s -> 25s
    • Improved the algorithm for finding a location to warp to near the target.
    • You will now be notified in chat if there is no available warp location near the target.
    • Fixed a bug where warping would sometimes fail.
    • Fixed a bug where the time frame for warping was shorter than intended.
  • Misc.
    • Traits can no longer be activated in the first 10 seconds of a round.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause Trait activation to break and throw errors in the console.
    • General code improvements to various aspects of Traits.

We focused mainly on Traitor and Detective weapons this time around, taking care of the current main offenders, as well as some bug fixes. We do have some regular weapon balance too.

  • SCAR-20
    • Fire Rate: 120 RPM -> 160 RPM
    • Recoil: Up 1u -> 0.7u; Down 0.8u -> 0.5u; Side 0.5u -> 0.25u;
    • Spread: 0.003u -> 0.001u
  • HUGE
    • Damage: 7 -> 9
    • Headshot Multiplier: 1.5x -> 2x
  • XM1014
    • Fire Rate: 89 RPM -> 100 RPM
  • Piercing Bullets (T)
    • Now only applies to the next full magazine's worth of bullets.
      For example: a weapon with 30 bullets in its clip will have the next 30 bullets as piercing bullets.
  • M320 Grenade Launcher (T)
    • Grenades fired from the M320 now only deal 66% damage.
  • Ammo Bag
    • Now available for both Traitors and Detectives.
  • Tomahawk (T)
    • Fixed a bug where the player may be slightly slowed when throwing forward.
  • Burst
    • Fixed various bugs and desyncs with Burst, making Burst work properly even at higher pings.
    • Fixed a bug where the fire rate for Burst weapons was higher than intended.
    • Note: burst is still not perfect. We're still looking into ways to improve it when high latency is involved, but there are engine and network limitations we need to work around.

Items & Economy

  • Player Models
    • Smaller player models now apply a penalty to your maximum health when used, to compensate for their smaller hitboxes.
  • Crafting
    • Legendary quality items now scrap for 4,000 shards instead of 7,500.
    • Fixed numerous currency-related issues with the crafting system.


  • HUD
    • A new HUD element has been added: weapon status. This UI keeps track of various information about your current weapon. For example: remaining piercing bullets, remaining warp time, etc.
  • Legendary Effects
    • Sakura's particles has been slightly tweaked.
    • Fixed a bug where some Legendary weapons had their effects change at random. If this happened to your weapon, please contact one of the developers and provide the item ID.

Bam! That's it for this one. Quite many changes this time again, but this is to be expected at the early stages of the game. There are fairly drastic changes in this patch that not only solve many current problems, but also prepare the ground for the future of Crescent, with more content and more complex mechanics.
As always, your feedback is extremely important to us. This patch is big and touches on a lot of things, and it's obviously going to be somewhat controversial. Please let us know what you think about our changes and what we can do even better next time. It is always great help.

Thanks for playing! Enjoy Crescent.

Stay awesome,
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Aug 11, 2019
Piercing Bullets (T)
  • Now only applies to the next 25%-of-a-magazine's worth of bullets.
    For example: a weapon with 30 bullets in its clip will have the next 8 bullets as piercing bullets.
  • No longer a limited stock item.
Thank goodness, now people like Pigeon @Pigeon will stop delaying by sitting in traitor rooms.


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Aug 8, 2019
Liking the update, but I have a thought.

Make it so all those weird penalties and cooldowns and shit apply only if you warp to a living target. In the beta, I thought warping was insanely fun and had a lot of practical uses (outside of shotguns ofc). However this new version had the ability to warp to a living target slapped onto it to accommodate for shotgun users, and that turned out to be super OP for everyone, so it had to be nerfed- and for every gun class too.
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