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Hi, Crescent!

Happy May! Yes, that's all there is to this month, unfortunately. There aren't any big or special occasions in May, so the best we can do is celebrate the fact it exists. Yay May. I hope you're all doing well and managed to get through the quarantine in one piece, too! It's been a strange year so far, to say the least...

Today's update focuses on three main areas: new content, balance changes, and technical improvements to the game. While not as significant as our major updates, there's still a fair share of content here to keep your busy for a while - a new weapon cache, new weapons, and lovely new legendary effects. On the technical side, we have a truckload of improvements and QoL changes by @veri, who spent a large portion of his time recently on diving into the Crescent code base and improving things a lot.

Ready? Let's get to it, then!

New Content



The UMP-45, originally a detective only weapon with an electric twist (but not anymore), is joining the main weapon roster of CTTT as fully fledged weapon, complete with skins, effects and the rest of the goods. This heavy-hitting SMG is an excellent choice for those who trust their aim enough to forego some speed in exchange for raw damage, all while still benefiting from the pure chaotic power of an SMG. If you prefer getting close and personal with your targets, you will certainly appreciate the painful surprise the UMP-45 is capable of providing as soon as you pull the trigger. Happy slaughtering!

Role Weapons

We heard your feedback on our lacking role-specific weapons roster, and we're ready to fix this! Today's update introduces three new role weapons - two for Detectives and one for Traitors - as well as the return of the HexShield to the Detective roster.


Malfunction Pistol (T)


The malfunction pistol is a nasty little tool that, when used properly, can cause serious chaos within any group of players. This device shoots tiny darts full of tiny nanobots that briefly take over your targets mind. When hit, your victim will immediately take out the best weapon they currently have equipped, and fire it uncontrollably for a few seconds! Use it in a crowded area and watch how chaos ensues as bullets fly, or force an innocent player into a very inconvenient position before everyone else, trying to explain it was the mind controlling nanobots... yeah, right.


Healing Vial (D)


A twist on the community-favorite green egg from the Easter event, this throwable vial releases a small cloud of healing gas on impact, immediately healing all players near it. While the healed amount is somewhat small, the easy and relatively-risk-free use of this device is definitely going to get you out of some hairy situations. Give it a try!


HexShield (D)


After some time off CTTT while we inspected its code, the HexShield returns to assist the long arm of the law in its never-ending battle against the filthy Traitors. This device creates an impenetrable energy shield around it that blocks nearly all sources of damage, allowing you to take cover even from the most devastating... things. Welcome back!


- May 30 -

Weapon Cache Iota & Weapon Cache Kappa


Surprise! We have TWO new caches this time, filled with some brilliant skins - including many Crescent-exclusive skins from our contributing artists. Both Iota and Kappa introduce some amazing skins for all four skin-supporting qualities, meaning everyone will find something that fits their taste.

As always, I would like to extend my greatest gratitude to the following artists who contributed their talented work to our new collections. Thank you very, very much! 💛
Please check out them and the rest of their work:​



Steam Profile


Steam Profile


Steam Profile


Steam Profile
Captain Crusp


Steam Profile
The Gamebreaker


Steam Profile


Steam Profile
Major Destroyer


Steam Profile


Steam Profile

And of course, many thanks to Methelin @Methelin, whose coordination with the artists we work with is the main reason this is even possible. Thank you!

Legendary Effects


In this update, we're releasing no less than four new Legendary effects, in all of their particle-y goodness. We have three brand new effects included, as well as a beautiful rework of gool ol' Frostbite, which now better lives up to what you'd expect from a Legendary effect
All of the new effects are available right now, and could be rolled on any new Legendary. Who knows, maybe you'll be the lucky one?



Need more bullets? Capacity is the answer! This new WepMod increases the amount of reserve ammunition you can carry for a weapon by up to 300%! Rest assured, that's more bullets than you'll ever need. Unless you really, really, REALLY suck at shooting, in which case I doubt this WepMod will be the solution anyway...

New Traits

For those of you who prefer to be sneaky and quietly strike, Silence is the perfect trait. When used, Silence will take hold of the voices of all other players around you, completely disabling their ability to communicate for up to 8 seconds. Silenced victims cannot use text chat, voice chat, radio commands, and won't even scream when killed! Now more than ever, striking when your foes least expect it is as rewarding as it can be. After all, they can't call you out if they're silenced... or dead.

Stalk v2
Did Stalk feel underwhelming to you? Don't worry, we understand. Indeed, Stalk didn't really turn out as useful as we hoped, and so we bit the bullet and redid it completely. The result? A completely different mechanic that is so much better.
When you kill a player with Stalk, your weapon will tag their corpse for you. At any point later you'll be able to activate Stalk to immediately teleport to that corpse, allowing you to set up the perfect ambush or escape some sticky situations. While it can only be used once per kill, there's no doubt Stalk will often save you life - or make someone else lose theirs.

With so many Traits around, each with its own destructive effects, enemies are becoming tougher and touger to fight back. Fear not, however, because your savior is here: Purify! This fantastic trait is the one to end all the others: when used, it immediately cleanses all trait-related debuffs from you, allowing you to escape the clutches of enemy control. But that's not all: Purify will also protect you from any such effects for five additional seconds, granting you precious time of immunity to fight back, make an escape, or simply figure out a plan. Take this, bad guys!

Rust Rock


It's a rock. It's a melee weapon. It hits like a... well, rock. And that's a lot by the way: over double the damage of a regular melee! Where's the catch, then? Simple: it's quite a heavy rock, actually, and swinging it around takes a bit, which means every attack with this rock has a delay before it lands. Time it well, and you'll be rewarded with insanely good damage. Miss, and... well, you're in trouble.​

Balance Changes

May's update is the first one to include balance changes from the newly-founded balance squad of CTTT. With the help of @rcarney, @Flire and @Weiss, we decided on changes to many of Crescent's weapons, WepMods and Traits. The majority of today's changes revolve around the accuracy and effective range of our weapons, alongside the modifiers that can effect it. We're also tweaking some of our Traits and WepMods to reduce the 'overshadowing' effect that some of them currently have.

Crescent's SMGs are designed to be most effective in close range combat, where one can utilize the very high fire rate without suffering from the lack of accuracy. Unfortunately, the various mods and mechanics available in CTTT made it possible for SMGs to ascend above this intended limitation, allowing them to be used even at non-trivial range. In this update we would like to address this problem, and bring this weapon class back where it belongs.

  • All
    • Recoil reduction while crouching: 25% -> 15%
    • Spread reduction while crouching: 25% -> 10%
  • MAC-10
    The MAC-10 became a serious problem after March's patch. The fire rate increase it saw made it insanely good when modded in various ways, especially when paired with mods that compensate its other weaknesses, such as Stability and Precision. While we think the fire rate change was necessary, we can definitely tune some of the other stats down.
    • Damage: 16 > 14
    • Recoil: Sideways 20% -> 25%
  • MP7
    Unlike its classmate, the MP7 is in a fairly good place already. We're slightly reducing the accuracy while aiming down the sights to further emphasize its role as a close range weapon.
    • Spread: Sights 7.5% -> 10%
  • P90
    Same as above. Just a small tweak to slightly reduce the effective range of this weapon.
    • Recoil: Sideways 15% -> 17.5%

The shotguns in Crescent TTT reach far more than they should. For a while now we tried mitigating this problem through stat changes alone, but over time it became clear that a more significant change is required. In this update, we're introducing distance-based damage fall-off for shotguns to effectively cap their range - because getting sniped from across the map with 8 pellets of pure pain is not exactly ideal gameplay.
  • All
    • It is no longer possible to aim down the sights with shotguns.
    • Shotgun bullets are now affected by damage fall-off, based on distance travelled:
      • Under 600 units (~11m): 100% damage
      • 600 - 1,100 units (~21m): 50% damage
      • 1,100 - 1,500 units (~29m): 25% damage
      • 1,500 units and above: 10% damage
  • MAG-7
    Ever since its nerf, the MAG-7 felt somewhat underwhelming compared to its classmates, mainly due to its inferior accuracy. We do, however, wish to keep its role as a close range glass-cannon. Therefore, we're avoiding any accuracy changes this time, and focusing on other areas instead.
    • Damage: 5x10 > 6x10
    • Fire rate: 120 -> 133
  • Nova
    Nova's effective range is very long for a shotgun. Even with the above changes, a slight tweak is also required here.
    • Spread: 6.5% -> 7.75%

Assault Rifles
March's update introduced quite thorough changes to how ARs work in Crescent and to the place of each of them in the class. And indeed, we feel those changes were generally successful in achieving what we wanted to see. In this update we're tweaking the accuracy of some entries in the class to put the final polish on the changes from last time.
  • AK-47
    We're trading some of the AK's spread into recoil, which we feel makes more sense for this weapon's design.
    • Recoil: Sideways 10% -> 12%
    • Spread: Hip 8% -> 7%; Sights 3% -> 2.5%
  • Galil
    It seems the Galil's accuracy buff from last time was a little bit too much. This fast firing AR is in a much better place than before now, but in terms of accuracy it's a bit too good.
    • Spread: Hip 5% -> 7%; Sights 2% -> 5%
  • M4A1
    What a roller coaster. The M4A1 took a dramatic hit last update, across all stats. Despite this, the titan of ARs still maintains its place among the favorites of Crescent. Still, we believe the accuracy nerfs from last time need to be compensated elsewhere, and this is what we're doing today.
    • Recoil: Up 40% -> 30%
    • Spread: 6.5% -> 5%
  • M4A4
    Like the Galil, the accuracy buff from last time made the M4A4 too accurate at long ranges. We're fixing this with a small hit to its ADS spread.
    • Spread: Sights 3% -> 5%

The sacred balance between the two edges of the sniper class was disturbed last update, with a small nerf to the AWP and a very big buff to the SCAR. The new SCAR quickly became one of the top weapons in CTTT, devastating anyone who opposed it. With this patch, we're bringing this new behemoth down a notch, while giving some love to its eternal nemesis.

  • SCAR-20
    We still want to keep the sniper characteristics in the SCAR, which is why we're not touching the sights accuracy. However, everything else must go down one way or another, especially the devastating damage output this weapon now has.
    • Damage: 35 -> 27
    • Fire Rate: 185 -> 171
    • Spread: Hip 2% -> 4%
  • AWP
    Nothing too significant for the ol' green, however the increased fire-rate makes the AWP feel better to use overall.
    • Fire Rate: 40 -> 48
    • Clip Size: 7 -> 8

We're adjusting two entries in the pistol class today. The TEC-9 specifically, which took a hell of a hit last patch, is being brought up again to compensate, making it a viable weapon once again. We're also giving a very slight QoL tweak to the Five-SeveN.

  • Five-SeveN
    We want to improve the trigger-finger feeling of the Five-SeveN, without increasing the actual DPS which is already in a good place. So we're trading it for some slight damage reduction.
    • Damage: 28 -> 25
    • Fire Rate: 316 -> 333
  • TEC-9
    The TEC-9 was left traumatized after March's update, and this is our chance to bring it back up. Instead of reverting the nerfs (which were very important after all), we're improving its usability through accuracy and fire rate, bringing it back in line with the others.
    • Fire Rate: -----------------
    • Recoil: Up 40% -> 35%; Sideways 15% -> 12.5%
    • Spread: Hip 15% -> 10%

  • Frag Grenade
    We received a lot of feedback on this change, and we agree this may have been over the top. Let's try a different tactic.
    • Frag grenades can now be cooked again, but only up to 1/2 the fuse time.
    • Added a sound effect to the frag grenade after it is thrown, to better raise awareness to it, especially at a distance.
  • Flashbang
    • Flashbangs can now be cooked again, but only up to 1/2 the fuse time.
  • Grenade Launcher (T)
    The grenade launcher was quite the nuisance for a while now. Most commonly paired with a frag grenade, this weapon quickly became a way to effortlessly clear out entire areas and deal massive damage with very little risk, leaving victims with viable way to oppose it. In its current state, the GL is clearly overpowered.
    To combat this, we decided to reduce the radius of all grenades fired from the launcher. This effectively reduces the amount of damage it can deal at once, while also requiring its operator to put more thought into when and how to use it.
    • Blast radius: 100% -> 66%
  • Suppressor (T)
    The suppressor became quite powerful after March's update, and we're glad to see it used more often. Unfortunately, the complete lack of tracers turned out to be too good, so we're making some changes to the mechanic.
    • Bullets fired from suppressed weapons now have a 33% to show a tracer, up from 0%.
    • Fixed a bug where legendary effects could sometimes override the suppressor and show tracers even when they shouldn't.
  • Destruction
    Destruction now penalizes your weapon's fire rate instead of recoil.
    From the beginning of v2, Destruction dominated the Power-class WepMods and was almost an obvious choice in all cases. The unconditional damage boost it provides is extremely useful in almost all situations, and the recoil penalty alongside it didn't really mean much when other mods could easily negate it. This, unfortunately, made Destruction impossible to play without or against. After numerous iterations, we decided to go with something significant.
    This is a pretty drastic change, and we will keep an eye on this. It isn't unlikely that we will have to visit this WepMod yet again in the future - but for now, this is our course of action.
    • Fire rate penalty: 0/0/0% -> -10/20/30%
    • Recoil penalty: 10/25/50% -> 0/0/0
  • Rapid Fire
    As a result from Destruction's new penalty, we are also tuning down Rapid Fire. This WepMod is likely to be used more often now alongside Destruction, and we want to make sure this combo won't nullify our efforts to bring the latter back in line.
    • Spread penalty: 5/8/10% -> -5/10/15%
  • Crackshot
    ADSing is significantly easier (and more common) in Crescent nowadays then before, which made the mechanic of Crackshot somewhat obsolete. Now that Destruction has been nerfed, we know players will seek alternatives in the Power class, and we want to make sure these alternatives are also fair for both ends.
    • Movement speed penalty while using the sights: 0/0/0% -> -20/20/20%
  • Cooldown
    Cooldown quickly became a favorite among Trait users in Crescent due to how impactful it is. 50% off a Trait's cooldown is a pretty great thing - perhaps even too great. We're moving things down a notch this update to see how Cooldown fares without such an extreme benefit.
    • Trait cooldown reduction: 10/30/50% -> 10/25/40%
  • Persistence
    Unlike its counterpart, Persistence never really enjoyed the same popularity as Cooldown. The numbers you could get out of this WepMod weren't as impressive, and it was (understandably) cast aside in favor of its kin. We're going to try and fix this in today's update, and give Persistence the place it deserves among our WepMods.
    • Trait effect time: +15/30/45% -> +25/50/75%
  • Trance
    With the recent rise of SMGs and shotguns, Trance truly shined. The significant spread and recoil bonuses it provided became almost mandatory for these weapon classes. Alongside the accuracy changes from before, we are also reducing Trance's effectiveness to further mitigate the potential accuracy outcome on weapons that shouldn't have it so high.
    • Spread reduction while ADS: 30/45/60% -> 20/35/50%
    • Recoil reduction while ADS: 15/20/25% -> 10/15/20%

We have a few large scale changes to Traits in this patch, as well as bunch of smaller ones.
  • Bleed
    As it currently stands, Bleed is very difficult to control and balance. Once an all-powerful killing machine, March's update led Bleed to the bottom. After considering the situation for quite a while, we figured there's no way to fix this Trait without over or under doing it... unless we change how it works.
    • Bleed is now an activated Trait.
    • When activated, Bleed will guarantee the next bullet fired will cause the target to bleed. Bleed cannot be applied otherwise.
    • Activation cooldown: 30s
    • Bleed damage: 3 -> 5
  • Bombastic
    Bombastic was hotfixed a while ago, but even this wasn't enough to make it viable. We're further buffing this Trait encourage more players to use it regularly.
    • Explosion radius: 150u -> 200u
  • Headhunter
    so i hred u liek laz0rs?
    • Recoil reduction: 50% -> 100%
    • Fixed a bug where Headhunter did not always apply properly to weapons.
  • Leech
    Leech has quite a lot of potential, but the very low heal cap prevents it from being viable in most situations, mainly due to the already-low TTK in CTTT. We're increasing this cap to make it more viable to pick Leech as your Trait of choice.
    • Maximum heal per shot: 10 -> 30
  • Rig
    Rig was fairly underwhelming since its release, with a long delay and mediocre damage. We're addressing both of these areas today, in hope of seeing it used more often.
    • Explosion delay: 2s -> 1s
    • Explosion damage: 85 -> 120
  • Warp
    • Warm-up duration: 0.75s -> 0.33s
    • Improved the teleportation algorithm accuracy and error checking to reduce the chance of being teleported to an invalid location.
    • Fixed a bug where Warp could place you higher than intended, causing fall damage.

Items & Economy
Ever since we rewrote the roll algorithm back in March, the frequency and quality of drops has unintentionally been reduced. Over the last few weeks, we experimented (with your help) with different setups to boost these chances back up. We believe we finally found a sweet spot, and we're applying it permanently today.
  • Items & Drops
    • The drop rate of Precious, Exotic and Legendary items has been increased by 75%!
    • StatTrak drop rates now grow with the weapon quality. This menas that, for example, Exotic weapons have a better chance of getting StatTrak than Precious weapons.
    • Exotic scrap value reduced from 1,000 to 750 shards.
    • Fixed a bug where the Eggsecution and Eggsitement Legendary effects still appeared on newly dropped Legendary weapons even after the event.
  • Crates
    • Some items were moved around to balance the content available in each crate. Thanks again, Methelin @Methelin.
    • Crate drop chances at round end has been slightly increased.

Gameplay & Misc.
  • Fun Rounds
    • New fun round: One in the Melee
      • A much-requested variation of One in the Chamber.
      • All players can only use their melee weapon.
      • Players always die in one hit.
      • The last player standing wins!
    • Head Hunters: replaced the SCAR-20 with the P250.
  • Map Vote
    • Maps are now categorized into two pools based on their size and complexity: low population and high population.
    • Map votes will only show maps from the pool that fits the current number of players in the server.
    • This helps prevent cases where maps that don't fit the current player count (too small or big) being picked.
    • Maps that were RTV'd can no longer be replayed.

Technical Improvements
Our talented code wizard, @veri, has been hard at work this month, working through various parts of code base to fix, reimplement, and drastically improve quite a lot of things. While many of these changes are behind the scenes, many of them can be experienced on your end too. Here are just some of them:
  • Crates can now be instantly unboxed by clicking them with the middle-mouse button. More items will be usable this way in the future.
  • Fixed unboxing delay/lag for players with high ping.
  • Crafting multiple items is now instant, rather than queued one by one.
  • Crafting a large amount of items no longer freezes the game for a few seconds.
  • Improving items is now faster and less laggy.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting with a full/nearly full inventory could cause various issues.
  • Fixed some rare edge cases where trades could break.
  • Inventory updates are now faster and less data-intense.
  • Significantly improved the performance of various data calls, resulting in faster actions and fewer delays across the hub.
  • Improved the responsiveness of moving items around in the inventory, and of scraping.
  • Significantly improved the FPS performance of the hub interface, especially in the inventory and crafting tabs.
  • The quick menu (for the role shop) now also shows your current credits.
  • Releasing the button when over the middle of the quick menu now properly opens the role shop at all times.
  • Fixed various small issues and errors.
  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes behind the scenes.

May 2020 Sale

To wrap it all up, we're celebrating the release of our newest update with a big sale in the Crescent Store! Starting today and until June 1st, you can enjoy up to 50% off various items, including ranks, paints, tickets and more - yes, even reforgers!

Remember: your purchases in the store aren't just for you: they also help us keep Project Crescent running! Hosting, storage, bandwidth and licenses aren't cheap, and your generous support is what helps us secure the future of our community. If you want some nice perks and rewards, while also giving back to the people behind CTTT, please consider buying something.

Thank you! 🧡

Whew! That's quite the changelog right here. And it took way longer to type than I'm willing to admit...
Anyway, here it is: our May update, in all of its may-eous glory. There's quite a lot to unpack here, but I'm sure you guys will enjoy everything that we made for you.

Once again, I'd like to thank the people who made this update possible:
  • Methelin @Methelin and the various contributing artists (mentioned above), who helped turned the Iota and Kappa collections into reality.
  • @rcarney, @Flire and @Weiss, who helped me immensely with planning, implementing, and testing the balance changes.
  • @veri, who sacrified his sanity on our sacred Crescent altar in exchange for awesome code and blessed performance.
And, of course, to YOU - our loyal players who continue to support us to this day, and give us a reason to continue doing what we're doing. Thank you for being here, and for being awesome. 💛

Thanks for reading! Have fun playing Crescent, and stay awesome.


Stay awesome
Crescent Infinity
Jun 21, 2019
Hi again, Crescent!

Time for a follow-up! This patch is a collection of small tweaks and fixes to address the main concerns and issues from our May update. Thank you for reporting them to us! It helped us a ton in tracking them all down.

WepMods & Traits
  • Destruction
    Destruction was significantly nerfed in our update, and while we're generally satisfied with the new concept behind it, we agree we may have pushed the dial too far. We're slightly reducing the new fire rate penalty on it to where it feels better to use.
    • Fire rate penalty: -10/20/30% -> -10/16/22%
  • Trance
    In its current form, Trance is a strange beast. It doesn't quite fulfill its purpose as a mobility-for-accuracy trade-off WepMod, but at the same time it can make some weapon classes like SMGs extremely accurate even at long ranges. Despite our attempt to tone it down last patch, we think that at this point, the concept behind it needs to change. Here's what we think will help emphasize its intended purpose.
    • Fire rate penalty: -10/10/10% -> 0/0/0%
    • Movement speed penalty: -10/10/10% -> -15/15/15%
    • Can no longer be installed into SMGs.
  • Precision
    It turns out there was a sneaky bug with Precision that made it fail sometimes when aiming down the sights, resulting in more spread than intended. This has now been fixed, but we suspect this will now also make Precision more effective than before. We will continue to monitor this one and tweak it accordingly.
    • Fixed a bug where Precision's spread reduction would sometimes not apply when aiming down the sights.
  • Melee Weapons
    • Pushing with your melee weapon will now properly play the first person animation.
  • Stalk & Warp
    • Fixed a bug where teleporting would incorrectly fail due to "not enough room near the target" in some situations.

Items & Economy
  • Caches & Cases
    We spent some time going over our weapon and cosmetic collections this patch, looking for any inconsistencies or errors and fixing them. We found numerous dupes and missing entries across our various crates, especially in the lower-tiers (mostly Rare quality). To fix these, we're introducing new skins to replace the duplicates, including a few custom made ones by our talented contributors Major Destroyer and SkyFrost. Thank you again!
    • 10 new skins have been introduced to replace duplicates across our weapon collections (Delta, Epsilon, Eta and Zeta).
    • Added WepMod entries which were missing from some caches.
    • Added missing Rust Rock entries to the Amethyst and Sapphire cosmetic cases.
    • Added missing Crescent Rose entry to the Emerald cosmetic cases.
    • Fixed various typos in skin names and their artists.
    • Many thanks to Methelin @Methelin who helped us find and correct these issues.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed various issues with trading that were accidentally introduced last patch, making it reliable again.
    • Fixed a bug where collecting currency from mail would sometimes fail.
    • Fixed some GUI-related script errors when installing WepMods.
    • Fixed a bug where players could accidentally end up with negative shards.
    • Fixed a bug where Legendary Effects could not be turned off on Special quality weapons that had them.

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