Weapon D/T Wep- PHD flopper

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Crescent Plus
Oct 19, 2019
Makes the user immune to explosives and fall damage

when you fall as a t you make an explosion killing anyone nearby

when your a d you don’t because that would lead to rdm


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Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
Decent concept if you balanced it correctly.

I know PHD flopper in games like zombies on cod give you no explosive damage. But in something like this it would be fairly OP.

I'd say use PHD's strengths and use them as something unique. By purchasing this item you take Reduced explosive damage like a flackjacket or whatever and reduced fall damage.

That way it makes it the same for both detectives and traitors. Otherwise for a detective its pointless buying most the time. If you really want to go mental with it you could implement falling as a T causes you to deal near by explosive damage too.


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Oct 12, 2019
It would be interesting for Traitors if the explosion radius & damage would scale up the higher you are from the landing point, up to a point where it would imitate the frag grenade or the jihad bomb, but would require quite a large fall otherwise it would just be the replacement for the jihad on most maps since you'll be extra hard to hit while falling.


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Crescent Plus
Oct 22, 2019
Agree with Flire here. Especially with the added grenades we're getting, although it'd be fun to do, it'll also be frustrating to play against someone just running up to you holding a frag and them not even taking a slight bit of damage.

For it to be worth on Detectives I'm not sure how easy it'll be to add that function to the riot shield so when it's actually equiped you take less explosive damage, this will bring both usage to the riot shield and the flakjacket. Since as of right now, not any reason to really buy the shield.