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Oct 17, 2019
This is my resignation from administrator of our deathrun server. I had a great time handling this server, and wish I could have spent more time helping out. Thank you to all those who helped me along in my journey. I will still be around the server, and always happy to say hi to anybody. As of now, I am to caught up in college to continue working on the server.

Sinz @Sinz - you were truly the mother I never had or wanted.
veri @veri - Thank you for developing the deathrun server, you were my favorite moderator
helix @helix and Opalium @Opalium Thank you for giving me the chance to look after the server.
Tinbuster00 @Tinbuster00 rog the dog @rog the dog toxin @toxin - You guys were the best friends I could have asked for