Other Detective Weapon - Intervention

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Pijon mustard
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
Workshop Link for the model

This is a gun that Opal has been wanting to bring back with some adjustments. The previous iteration was a sniper rifle that could be charged up at the cost of movement speed to do increased damage. I have suggestion for the implementation of this with a few points of discussion. This would definitely be a detective weapon, but could also be a t weapon. Slot 7.

34 damage to the body at base
  • 2.2 hs mult
  • 171 fire rate (these so far are identical to the scar. You could make it a gun that oneshots to the head, but I think any kind of weapon that fires semi auto with a scope and kills in one shot feels awful to play against, even if it's a t weapon.)
  • Can be charged:
    • Takes 2.5 seconds to fully charge
    • Damage scales based on %charge up to 130 (this is debatable. 2.5 seconds of vulnerability is a decent cost to pay, but is a oneshot to the body too strong for a d/t weapon?)
    • While charging, movement speed is reduced by an additional (multiplicative) 40%
    • Can only charge while aiming down sights
    • Debatable, but it could force you to shoot once fully charged. Might be a good solution if the charge mechanic is too powerful.
    • Recoil also scales with %charge. (this is mainly as flavor for the gun. A charged super high power shot would have more kick. But if we decide that a charged shot shouldn't be able to oneshot, then it would also mean that you can't just fully charge a shot and instantly take an uncharged shot for cleanup, at least not easily.)
  • 6 mag, 12 reserves
  • Does not take normal rifle ammo, but can be repurchased for another 18 shots. (debatable as well. Might be too strong if this is just a second primary with this charge gimmick. Limiting ammo to 18 per credit could be a good solution for this.)

This is a gun that has existed before, and is hard to get right. I'm very open to suggestions and discussion here.