Other Detective weapon - Kriss Vector

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Pijon mustard
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
Workshop Link

This would be a slot 7 weapon for detectives. An smg meant to complement a more niche primary choice like a sniper or shotgun.

The stats would be changed to be competitive against t3 modded guns. T/D weapons should beat regular weapons in their intended ranges after all.
I would say something like this, but these are untested numbers of course:
  • 24 damage
  • 95% accuracy
  • (honestly I don't know if a high or low recoil percentage is good. Better recoil than most smgs, I just don't have an exact number here)
  • 875 Rate of Fire (Damage and RoF are slightly higher than a t3 mp7. Should be able to compete without feeling to overpowered for a t weapon, but we can see and modify later.)
  • 35 magazine - 105 reserves
  • 1.5 hs mult

We previously had the prototype ump, which had a cool gimmick but was abysmal in comparison to t3 smgs. I like the idea of having a competitive gun option in the d shop. No gimmick, but you can duel t3 smgs with it and also equip a sniper. Stats are not final, but it should kill slightly faster than t3 smgs and should be easy to control.


Crescent Plus
Dec 2, 2020
I would def like more guns for the detectives, I like this idea.

Was also thinking of making it so the detective had some sort of intervention so the detective can do some epik noscopes. other than that it's a great idea.