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Sep 18, 2020
doctor sex | can we get this man Banned, warned or outright removed from the Crescent community.

He consistently RDM's And goes to low karma all the time sometimes even the threshold Karma 325 or such so he doesn't get kicked and always does this when zero admins are online He has some issue against me for some reason and is just a down right asshole.

What needs to be done to deal with this troublesome user as action is needed to be taken against him its ludicrous how he gets away with such blatant disrespect for server rules and people.


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Aug 8, 2019
We have a report forum for this kind of thing.

If you can provide evidence of this behaviour, I'll gladly look into it.
Unfortunately, showing just a pic of you dying to a crowbar is not enough to take any real action against him. If he does what you're accusing him of, make a report over at
Include whatever evidence you have, time of occurrence, screenshots from the logs (Press F8 after the round), or whatever else (video of him killing you in a round where you did nothing traitorous, for instance).

That's the proper channels, this doesn't really achieve anything, so I'm locking this thread, but thank you for being aware of possible troublemakers and bringing them to our attention!
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