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Agent A

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Sep 17, 2019
Drones are a crutch item because of what they provide for the detectives.
The detectives start out with a body armor that reduces damage.
What the drones do is virtually double the detective's health, which allows the detectives use them as a crutch tool to live longer than they normally should've.
What I suggest is lowing the amount of damage it can block to probably 50%?
Any idea is open for discussion.


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Aug 8, 2019
Okay, here's what needs to happen:
1. The amount of damage that a drone can block is equal to half their battery (so at 100% it's 50 damage).
2. Taking any damage causes the battery to drop by 2% per point of damage.
3. The drone loses 1% battery every second or so while you're not in combat.

EDIT: This change will turn drones into something that you buy before going into a gunfight, instead of at the start of the round. It will punish greedy or impatient detectives, and reward patient traitors.
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