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Jan 24, 2020
Was in the server with a few other people and we were all complaining about playing the same few maps, out of the 55 available. I mean hey we all vote what we want to play, we just generally gravitate to the same good old maps we enjoy. I threw out the idea of setting one day (potentially Friday because it fits with the alliteration in the title ;) ) to a map ROTATION instead of having a vote. I explained that on a few of the servers I loved they switched between voting and a rotation every week. It freshened a lot of stuff up, as people could RTV maps if the majority really didn't want to play whatever came on. But opened a lot of peoples eyes to something they could like but don't really get the chance to play. I've personally set all of my servers over the past 6 years to work on a rotation (and allowed VIP's or regulars to start a vote in ULX for a map if people had a hankering to play something specifically), and I find it to be the perfect way to mix things up. It would also be a cool way to get people to nominate and vote new maps to be played on Friday, and see if it should be added to the pool.


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Aug 11, 2019
I like this idea. I actually want to stop playing if a map is overplayed. We have 55 maps for a reason. I know not all of them are ideal for specific player counts but c’mon I want something different for once. (Even removing replay could help alleviate this problem.)


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Aug 8, 2019
kakariko : )
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