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Aug 9, 2019
hi its me koishi im here

first and foremost, i really enjoyed crescent the first time around, the gun modding and random drop aspects were absolutely unique and spiced ttt up a whole lot more than the usual never-ending "kill guy with gun" thing, and the ui of the shop, trading and modding made ttt feel like a completely new game and i really enjoyed doing those quests that rewarded me shards because now it makes it feel like i have more things to do in ttt than just going up to some guy and shooting him in the face or shooting some guy in the face for shooting another guy in the face, as a game design student i wanna say that those aspects are excellent game design and i loved them to the point i plagarised took references from them for a game production module assignment where we had to design a mockup of a mobile game's ux wireframe with shops, sidequests and different tier powerups and stuff

to add onto that when i played crescent was back when my life was good and now it sucks horribly but im glad i get to relive some good times before it all went to shit on the real side

so yeah pretty sure everyone knows about me but in case yall dont know im that retard who likes to spout words out of my literal ass and am a game design student who draws mediocre weeb shit and does 3d modelling (and sometimes animating), i have no future but im here for a good time not a long time

just a small flex of my work :

so yeah if crescent gets bigger and lives this time around, i might make another thread that i'll update regularly with my art and models to share with yall

anyways it's good to be back, i know people wish death upon crescent but i genuinely enjoyed how much crescent changed the ttt experience for me
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Jul 29, 2019
Koishi.. holy shit. You need to show your artwork off more often. I've seen your drawings but these are pretty damn cool.


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Aug 8, 2019
God damn those artworks are on fire, all I can do is draw a banana