Denied Fun Round concept - "Gunslinger"

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Aug 8, 2019
Recently I found out about "Kill Me Baby" manga/anime about misadventures of two high school girls, one of which being an international assassin. The cover art of the first chapter got me thinking "Eyyy, that could be used". And so I came up with "Gunslinger" fun round.

k1 - Kopia - Kopia.jpg


These are very simple. Gunslinger's job is to eliminate all innocents. Innocents' job is to eliminate the gunslinger.


One player is randomly selected to be the gunslinger. Gunslinger is equipped only with special Dual Berettas with unlimited (or incredibly abundant) reserve ammo and is unable to drop them or pick up a primary. Preparation time is 30 seconds, during which the gunslinger selects up to 5 tier 3 modifications of their own choice for their Berettas. Players are not informed who was selected to be the gunslinger until the end of preparation and start of the round. Unlike on MG servers with boss rounds, gunslinger's location is not globally shown to all players.


Gunslinger's health is calculated with the formula of 500*n*(1+[{n-1}/50]), in which n = the amount of innocents (so all players minus one).
1 innocent (one vs. one) -> 500*1*(1+[{1-1}/50]) = 500*1*1 = 500 HP for the gunslinger
13 innocents (half-filled server) -> 500*13*(1+[{13-1}/50]) = 500*13*1.24 = 8060 HP for the gunslinger
27 innocents (full server) -> 500*27*(1+[{27-1}/50]) = 500*27*1.52 = 20520 HP for the gunslinger
Gunslinger is pre-equipped with a radar with 10 second recharge rate, just like on Assassination. Gunslinger is also granted passive +50% jump height, +10% movement speed and immunity to fall damage.
Upon losing 80%+ of their health, the gunslinger automatically equips a kevlar vest, slightly increasing their chance of survival. This however halves their jump height and movement speed, to +25% jump height and +5% movement speed. They keep immunity to fall damage after equipping the kevlar vest.
As the background song that plays during the round, I recommend an almost two minute loop (0:24-2:22) taken from "PIMP SLVP" by Nurkalyi and ZVBXR - listen to it here. Extremely fitting and long enough not to be monotonic.

Custom model for gunslinger (optional)

I wished for the duo from the manga cover to exist as a Source model to be used here, unfortunately there's only the girl dual-wielding banana and eggplant, without the actual blonde assassin. If any of you can do 3D models, you can use this figurine as a reference.


The gunslinger could either retain their regular model or there would be a custom, totally different one added for it, personally I don't mind either.