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Pijon mustard
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
The idea is a fun round consisting of a normal round of ttt, but with specific loadouts. This is meant to promote build diversity and give players a chance to experience some off meta builds without having to invest resources themselves. This could also be a FFA round instead of normal ttt, which would give a better chance to use each build, but some builds are designed around normal ttt and not FFA.

Each player would get a loadout upon the start of the round, and would be unable to drop their weapons. If you lose your weapon however (grenades, magnet), you would be able to pick something up off the ground. End round rewards would be as follows: 75 shards to the winning team, 50 shards to most valid kills. At the start of the round, a popup would appear on the side of your screen with the name of your loadout and a brief description.

The big drawback I see to this is that it takes a bit of updating whenever a new balance patch releases, or a new weapon/trait/mod is added.

The loadouts I have come up with so far are as follows:
Unless otherwise specified, slot 1 is the default crowbar, and slots 7 and 8 are empty. Some builds have more than one loadout.
The gambler knows how to use every resource at his disposal to win, including his own health. Make use of lightweight and sanguine to best position yourself at the cost of your health, and then use leech to recover.

Sanguine Deagle - Lightweight 2, Switcheroo 2, Punishment 2
Leeching Aug - Trance 3, Rapid fire 2, Crackshot 2
Incendiary grenade
The cowboy enjoys using his arsenal to round up his foes and eliminate them while they're down. Make use of traits like blackhole and repulse to deal fall damage and suspend your targets in the air to take advantage of the massively increased damage from airplay.

Repulsing R8 Revolver - Cooldown 2, Switcheroo 2, Airplay 2
Blackhole Nova - Cooldown 3, Quick hand 2, Airplay 3
The disruptor knows that stealth is vital to survival. Ambush your enemies with lethal CQC, and never give them the chance to rat you out.

Silencing P250 - Persistence 3, precision 2, big caliber 2
Shadowbound Mac-10 - Rumble 2, lightweight 3, stability 2, quick hand 2
The Scout utilizes impressive mobility to evade her opponents. Use shadowbound and gravity to escape dangerous situations and reposition to best engage your opponents.

Gravitating Glock-18 - Cooldown 2, switcheroo 2, rapid fire 2, destruction 3
Shadowbound SSG - Persistence 3, quick hand 2, rapid fire 2
The strategist is prepared for any situation, and always has a plan for when things go south. Use your arsenal to never be taken by surprise in combat again.

Sonar FiveSeveN - Cooldown 3, Marksman 3, Rapid fire 2
Stalking Galil - Marksman 2, stability 3, quick hand 2
Incendiary grenade
With enough bullets, anything is possible. Throw stealth out the window and never let go of mouse 1.

Frenzying Deagle - Extended mags 3, Rapid fire 2, Quick hand 3
Efficiency Huge - Extended mags 3, Quick hand 3, Destruction 2
Frag Grenade
Healing Vial
What's the point in having two guns if you don't use them both? Dump your magazine into your foes, then throw the empty gun at them and repeat.

Bombastic Tec-9 - Switcheroo 3, Cooldown 3, Rapid fire 2, rumble 2
Bombastic P90 - Switcheroo 3, Cooldown 3, Precision 2
Frag Grenade
The crowd pleaser is all too used to being outnumbered, and doesn't let it bother him. Use large magazines and high fire rate to take down large groups.

Frenzying Glock-18 - Quick hand 3, destruction 2, extended mags 2
Bloodlusting M4A1 - extended mags 2, rapid fire 2, marksman 2
The germaphobe wants no part in any of your nonsense. Protect yourself from those who would seek to challenge you on unfair terms.

Purifying P250 - Rumble 3, Cooldown 3, Quick hand 2
Shadowbound AK-47 - Longshot 2, Precision 2, Lightweight 3
Smoke Grenade
Healing Vial
The trickster knows better than to accept a fair fight. Disorient your opponents and kick them while they're down.

Magnetic R8 Revolver - Lightweight 3, Switcheroo 2, Rapid fire 2
Disarraying UMP-45 - Backstab 3, Switcheroo 2, Precision 2, Persistence 3
The cleaner is all about delivering a devastating opening shot and quickly following up for the kill. Utilize a high powered rifle and fast firing sidearm to kill your enemies before they know what hit them.

Option 1:
Bombastic Glock-18 - Switcheroo 3, precision 2, punishment 3
Bleeding AWP - Destruction 3, sightseeing 2, cooldown 2
Incendiary Grenade

Option 2:
Shadowbound P250 - Switcheroo 3, precision 2, punishment 3
Amplifying Scar-20 - Destruction 3, Stability 3, quick hand 2
Incendiary Grenade
High risk, high reward is the name of the game for the daredevil. Use your traits and mods to maximize your damage, but if you'll be very vulnerable if you miss your shots.

Overloading Glock-18 - Extended mags 3, Quick hand 2, Rumble 2
Amplifying M4A4 - Big Caliber 3, Rapid fire 2, Cooldown 2, Trance 3
Frag Grenade
The trapper likes to ambush his victims and taken down crippled targets. Bait your enemies into your traps and finish them off as they try to escape.

Chronoshifting Tec-9 - Persistence 3, backstab 2, Rapid fire 3
Rigging Mp7 - Punishment 3, Extended mags 2, Quick hand 3, precision 2
Incendiary Grenade
The rogue attempts to sneak up on his victims, shoot them in the back, and escape undetected. Use your sidearm to teleport to your target, then quickly take them down with your shotgun.

Warping FiveSeveN - Cooldown 2, Precision 3, Marksman 3
Shadowbound Mag-7 - Persistence 3, Rumble 3, Quick hand 2
The Improviser has set up his kit to be viable at any range. Take advantage of the high damage output of burst weapons at close range, and use headhunting to become a sniper at long range.

Bombastic R8 Revolver - Rapid fire 2, lightweight 3
Headhunting Famas - Destruction 3, Rapid fire 3, Quick hand 2
Frag Grenade
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Oct 21, 2019
this is my idea but better.