Other [Fun Round] Suicide Barrels

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The Crimson Queen
Crescent Plus
Oct 19, 2019
So here's what I'm suggesting:

Fun Round: Suicide Barrels

Description: This round starts with 1-3 player controlled explosive barrels, the barrels must hunt down players and blow them up to turn them into barrels, the last player alive is the winner and the most kills will also get a reward for their efforts.

The barrels can respawn and the survivors will have a pistol spawned in for their survival. No fall damage will be applied here as this fun round will be like a hide and seek.
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Penguins > Pigeons
Crescent Infinity
Aug 8, 2019
This was a mode on Minigames back in the day. Was fun if you were not a barrel.

If you are a barrel it kind of sucked but thats life