Denied Fun Round | The Reapers & The Hidden

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Better off dead.
Crescent Plus
Oct 22, 2019
So, as some of you may remember the two fun rounds called The Hidden and The Reapers. I would like to see them return as I had fun playing them.

The Hidden.

The Hidden goes self explainatory, works just like the Hidden game. But for those who don't know.
One person is invisible (Hidden) and the others are surviviours.
The Hidden wields a knife, has increase jump height and moves slightly faster, his job is to kill all survivours, while the survivours job is to kill The Hidden.
When The Hidden kills a player, their corse is left with a peice of meat which you can grab DNA from to locate The Hidden to help you defeat him.

The Reapers.

There are a small number of players who get selected as a Reaper who wields a scythe and their model is also the grim reaper.
The Reapers can teleport but can be heard when they do, so don't go thinking this is too OP. They also have slightly increase movement speed.
Their job to kill non-reapers and vice versa for them.


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Crescent Infinity
Jun 21, 2019
My problem with these two rounds (especially the latter) is that the 'fun' is not equally divided. The selected few players who became the hidden/reapers will always enjoy it much more than the majority who have to fight them. These rounds revolve around camping and lot of patience, and when you're not on the offense it can become dull fairly quickly.


Making a chicken out of a feather!
Crescent Plus
Aug 11, 2019
Yeah. These modes were meh compared to other fun rounds. I would love a prop hunt / hide and seek mode. However once you’re found you’d become a seeker. Shards could be awarded for each hider discovered and for surviving as a prop. I know not everyone enjoys being the seeker so the first seeker(s) should get extra compensation.
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