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Sep 14, 2019
Zombie/Infected Fun Round

A gamemode that i very like and have played on different games such as combat arms is the infected/zombie gamemode.

We're on a map casually playing TTT and all the sudden an outbreak happens. A very toxic air has been released into the map. Some living humans are immune to the toxic air and some are not. Those who arent immune are no longer a human, but something else... a zombie/infected. They do not care about anything else than devouring every living creature and turning them into one of their own. The living humans who do not know whats going on have called for help. Their objective is to survive, they can survive in two ways. One: Holding out as long as they can till back up arrives and transports them away or Two: Killing all zombies.

There are two groups in this fun round:
The Infected/The Zombies
The living humans(Terrorists/Doctors/Guards (We could randomize it everytime, giving it a unique model every different round))

The Infected/The Zombies
Basically at the start of the round depending on how many people are online random people get chosen and they get infected and turn into a zombie.
Their goal is to hunt down the living humans, if they manage to infect a living human the human turns into a zombie and needs to help and infect the living humans.

The living humans
The living humans need to survive by either killing all zombies or holding out till help arrives.

NOTE for option 2 (Waiting for help): After a certain time help will arrive, meaning the living humans need to rendezvous at a certain area. So if they are camping (Which is allowed) in a certain spot, they have to walk all the way to the rendezvous spot.

Fun round related stuff
Pre round should take 30 seconds, allowing people to go to their spot.
Fun round should take 4 minutes in total (1 minute longer than a normal round)
Knockback on weapons is needed. Not a great amount of knockback though.
Traits should be disabled (debateable)
Give the first infected players a small speed boost at the beginning until a few players have been infected, to balance it.
Magneto stick should be disabled,
Boosting each other to reach certain area's should be allowed.
The infected needs to have X amount of HP (like 1000HP)
Infected players should get a radar after every minute.
Any sort of way of getting health is disabled.

I hope the idea isnt too complicated/big to actually implement for CTTT as a funround. hehe

And if you guys think of some other/different stuff make sure to share them :)

cant believe i typed so much, i dont do this usually
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Aug 8, 2019
Which is probably originally taken from the zombie mode in Counter Strike: Source/1.6.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mqVzYRG4_9U

Zombie modes are literally the least original idea there is, calling it "copying" some other server is pretty dumb lol. Wouldn't mind it being added here, as long as it's implemented well.


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Aug 8, 2019
Seems like a cool concept as miggo said, if it was implemented correctly.