Weapon gauss rifle adjustment

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Aug 8, 2019
back again to complain about gauss rifle

before you said it did medium damage on direct hit, but its still 1shotting on direct hit - i've been on the receiving end of it many a times and its still as annoying as before

especially when you factor in that it now sets people ON FIRE around the hit and if the direct hit somehow manages to not kill you, the fire is a much bigger annoyance in a gun fight.

you guys removed incendiary in v1, and this is almost equally annoying

i get t weapons are supposed to be strong. but this is kinda just absurd.


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Oct 15, 2019
It's a bit buggy I believe. Sometimes I get hit directly and I only take some damage and then get set on fire, other times I die from a direct hit. A knife is a 1-hit kill, but there is the balance of having to be within the range of exposing yourself. I wouldn't want the incendiary effect taken away from the gauss rifle though, it's one of the things that set it apart from the grenade launcher. If the incendiary effect was removed, the gauss rifle essentially becomes a grenade launcher sniper, no? I think it's reasonable for the gauss to be a 1-hit being that you only get 2 shots, and it also fires a noticeable tracer that lets everyone know the general area it was fired from. Nonetheless, I'd be fine with a nerf to direct hit damage since it applies incendiary to the impact zone.

At least, thats how I feel about it at the moment. I haven't been murdered by it enough yet to warrant an opinion in either direction. 🤷‍♂️
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