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Jun 21, 2019
General Suggestions

-Welcome to the suggestions forum!
In this section, you can suggest your ideas for new features and improvements to Project Crescent, its website, forums, or Discord.

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when posting:
  1. Search the forum before making a suggestion to see if the idea was already suggested before. If so, bump the existing suggestion instead of creating a new one.
  2. Tag your suggestions appropriately. This helps us organize things better and ensure suggestions are easy to find/filter.
  3. Do not hijack suggestions. Even if you have a similar (not identical) idea to an already existing suggestion, you should post it in its own thread. It's okay to suggest changes to an existing idea in its thread, of course.
  4. Please be serious. This is not the place for shitposting. Only post serious suggestions that you want to see implemented.
  5. As an exception to the community rules, grave-digging is allowed in this section (as long as it's reasonable). If you have an idea that has already been suggested, feel free to bump the thread to let us know there is still interest in the suggestion.

Thank you for your suggestions!
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