Denied Give us back stattrak

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Aug 9, 2019
If I counted correctly there have been 15 red drops and only one has had stat track. This blows, this is lame, this hurts my heart.
When CTTTv2 launched statrack was what us die hard try hards worked for. We love seeing how many kills we have gotten with our legendary guns. We loved seeing how far we have come with them.

However now its up to RNG and RNG has not been in favor of giving us statrak

Please consider making it something we can buy off the CTTT store, while still keeping it as an RNG chance when you unbox.

Let me add in that legendarys should be, well legendary. meaning they should have ALL the bells and whistles all the desirable things since they are the best of the best. To stripe them of statrak and leave it up to rng is a sin.
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Penguins > Pigeons
Crescent Infinity
Aug 8, 2019
Opal has already brought this topic up before when he changed it.

Stat track was always meant to be a prestigious thing that you got from cases just like cs:go, where you open a case and the weapon you get can either be stat track or not.

You could always add a stat track module like goose suggested however even on cs:go all this did was transfer stat track stats from one type of gun to another. So i transferred stat track ak kills on my redline to a stat track vulcan. I don't see the issue with not having stat track

Snuggle Struggle

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Nov 26, 2019
Well, it could be a stat track like TF2 strange gun. Once traded or sold the counter resets. And if this was to be implemented there could be different kinds of strat track like T killed, D killed, Headshot kills, airborne kills, and many more.
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