Accepted Gravitating is completely useless

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Crescent Plus
Aug 11, 2019
i got this trait on my glock and it pulls u forward 1 mm at a time... please add more pull and atleast let it not pull yourself... the trait does me more bad then good


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Jun 21, 2019
The force of Gravity/Knockback scales with the weapon's base damage. This is to avoid guns with high fire rate and low damage (e.g. Glock, HUGE) from being completely overpowered with these traits. Obviously the Glock is not going to have a strong pull as, say, a shotgun.
Also remember that the angle you shoot from plays a part as well - this is the angle at which the force will be applied.
Lastly, remember that you can crouch to negate the effect on yourself.

Gravity and Knockback are not meant to be no-brain traits. They require some thinking and practice, and are situational like all other traits. In the hands of the able they can do some fantastic things - you just gotta learn how to utilize them properly.
Not open for further replies.