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How big is ur brain

  • Whut is brane?/??/

  • Braine is smal, but atleest hav.

  • My brain is average size, can do maths.

  • My brain is tremendous, I possess the ability of solving big equations.

  • I have phlegmatically, and unequivocally sharted in my fashionable ripped eco bleached denim pants.

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The Real Zax
Crescent Plus
Oct 17, 2019
Hello all, you may know me as "Zax" or "Big fat idiot man" but I've been on crescent since the very first or second day it released. I found this beautiful TTT server by chance, when I was looking for one of my daily TTT servers to play. The name sounded very original and smooth, so I decided to give it a nice swift double click :). Little did I know, it would come this far as a community, granting me many memories and notable people. Sadly, I've grown out of TTT after playing it for several years. I may still pop in and play a couple rounds every now and then, but that would probably have to be when my boredom is at an all time low. Anyways, here's a list of all the great people from the first few days/weeks/months of the server being opened.

Tups(Probably one of the nicest people I've met on Gmod TTT.) , Slick Sloth(Formally known as "NibbaSaurus," this guy transformed me into a man.), Torbjorn(Protected me when I was being harassed.), Lego(The greatest bech I've ever met.), Aeroxes(we do no speak of the terraria gameplay ever again.), Pigeon(I knew this man when he was just a lil baby admin.), Goose(I knew this beautiful creature when he would only make goose noises and was not a staff, who knew things would come this far.), Ruki (I knew him as PeepoSad or something like that.), Silly(only the OGs remember the #FreeSilly movement.), Carney(Carney and I go way back. Too bad his Tec-9 got nerfed.), Leif (I know we had our ups and downs, but I miss you g, only real ones remember Leif.), Rem(I don't really remember much about Rem, but I do know he is an original.), Flire(Just like Torbjorn, Flire did his job well and made me proud.), Kernzie(I also don't remember much about Kernzie, but I do remember his name.), Kudden(Suggested to me by Lego, mans is also an OG.), Ollie(Ah yes, the biggest OG girl on the server. Also, good staff.), Sindre(my memories decided to poop after I've gotten this far, but I do know you are an OG my friend.),

Past this point, I've decided to rejoin the discord to scavenge some more people.

Sephy(If I remember correctly, man loved his huge-[gun] collection.), Frosted(The smartest man alive. [solved the ARG single handedly.]), Acnolgia(Don't remember much, but I found your name on the discord, and I do know you are an original man.), Bubonic(Also don't remember much, but you sir are an official OG.), Zeccep(I'm pretty damn sure you are also an OG, you're name sounds hella familiar.), Slerpa(Also a familiar name, certified OG brother.), Zyp(Ah yes, another name that rings a bell. O.G.), Siddo(Technically found you in the discord, but I could have known you're an OG without discord, I just have a terrible memory lmao. But yes, you are a great man.), Weiss(Also could have known you were an OG without the discord, yet again, [Terrible Memory]. But yes, this man rules the economy, if it still persists this way.), YuKnoWho(or something like that)(Discord is a big help, but technically could have known this beautiful man was an OG if my memory wasn't poop farts.), Tay(Literally forgot all about this man, the biggest memory with my guy Tay was when I reported him for harassment, lmao. But we moved past that, and Tay is a big poopoo head, [but a cool one.]), Nebula(Don't know much, but I do remember she was another OG female on the server, *drooling,* but other than that, I'm pretty sure she was a well known player back in the good ol' days of crescent.), Opium(found this man while searching through the old discord messages on the official crescent discord. Certified OG.), Mickey(Honestly, was one of the people I looked forward to seeing on the server, I miss this man, who knows what he's up to nowadays.), Frankovich(All's I can remember about this guy is that he possessed the ability to make me laugh, and he has my respect for that.), NotGud(I don't have any memories of him, but I do remember his name on the server constantly in the newer days of crescent. Another original player.), Yung(I found this man by rare chance searching in the discord, but I do remember he was quite the funny meme guy, shoutout to my boy yung.), Gavlo(No memories with him, but he is gets the OG badge. Also, because you are the last one on my list, you get a gold star. ⭐).
I was going through some old threads and also uncovered a name I hadn't heard in a while.
Infinity(AKA monkey man. Me and this guy used to mic spam monkey noises literally every like 4 - 5 minutes. Seriously miss this guy, hopefully he doin alright.)

Alright, so I saved this man for last. Although he hasn't been seen on the discord/server in a long time, [update me if I'm wrong], but he was a very skilled TTT player, so skilled of course, Opal even made him his own custom taunt. He was a very early player, and his name is...

🔥MIGGO🔥(Hey guys it's me, Miggo.)

Alright, so this is basically all I have to offer for this thread, I spent a decent amount of time on it, and I hope you enjoyed.

EDIT: UncleBee @UncleBee was removed, as he is SOMEHOW still a bitch, I have not spoken with this underdeveloped man-child in 5 - 7 months or so, and he is still very rude towards me, and I do not see him progressing anywhere in his current state. I do, however, wish him a good amount of luck, as he could definitely use it. Good luck out there dumb ass. [and learn to let things go lmao]
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Shining Justice
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
Nice to see you again man
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