Other Halloween Themed Fun Round - Jeepers Creepers

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Jul 30, 2020
Functions similarly to assassinate, you receive a ping telling you who your target is and you need to kill your targets until you're the only one left. Differences are as follows:
  • Everyone is forced to wear the Ghost Face skin.
  • Everyone only gets a knife that can only harm your target. Throwing or slashing with your knife puts it on a cooldown for a few seconds, during which you are helpless. Throwing cooldown should be a little longer than slashing.
  • Crouching turns you invisible as long as you don't attack. Moving while crouched starts a 3 second timer after which you will be revealed. Your name still appears in crosshairs and you can still be harmed, just like with the Shadowbound trait.
  • Everyone should have like 3 targets to speed things up, because the stealth aspect will probably make the round take longer.