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Aug 8, 2019
Well guys, after serving on the staff team on Crescent for now seven months, I have come to the decision to resign. The reason for my resignation will be stated below, but I first wanted to extend my gratitude for the members of this community that have made crescent, what it is today, The sense of familiarity that's found here have made this experience once of my most enjoying and I do look forward to being a regular member with you all. So lets get into the reason for my resigning, shall we?

The bigest reason for my resigning is a lack of time in gmod. Unfortunately is I have ran out of time to be able to play as I am just way too busy with schooling and my incredible social life. I am a full time college student taking 40 hours at a community college. I have 13 classes that take up all my time and leave me contemplating the rope. Although I wish I could stay to be on the team to continue helping out, I have more imported things to do. Real life responsibilities come first.

Secondly another factor in my resignation is a general lack of interest in gmod. Lets be honest this game is older than the majority of the people who staff it. Sorry you poor people cant afford a triple A (AAA) game and have to stick to playing minecraft and Garry's mod lest your computer overheat. But my interest has moved on to newer, and more funner, games.

So yeah guys that's why I`ve decided to resign. Again, this has been a great experience for me and I wouldn't trade for anything. Believe me when I say if there was a way for me to keeping playing, I would. You'll just have to get used to me as a regular now ;)

So to end this farewell I just want to tag everyone who has made an impact on my staffing tenure.., and sorry for the people I have not tagged, there are just so many!

Opalium @Opalium - The man who created all of this - thank you so much for everything you've done. I've said more in private, but just know that this community is so grateful and
OpalBot @OpalBot - Remember our crazy prop fights? good times.
Project Crescent @Project Crescent - I honestly don't think I would have applied without you encouraging me to. Thanks for the +1 and all the advice along the way!
TestUser @TestUser - you're COI banned now and I can't talk about what you did, but I miss you.
helix @helix - My first pick up. Crazy to see how far you've come. Proud of you dude and I know you'll do a great job.
MiGGo @MiGGo - My first admin and later my lead admin. You're a hilarious guy and I've always appreciated your takes. The community is going to go places with your leadership.
Siddo @Siddo - My last pick up. The end of an era. Hope you'll do be proud.
Rauno @Rauno It's crazy how far we've gone from trail mods together to admins. Happy you're sticking around and hope to see you lead one day!
Pigeon @Pigeon - Basically, Jeb 2020!
Acnologia @Acnologia - You mod tenure here can be described as: The goal of any true revolutionary isnt to take the throne but to destroy it. Anyway, keep being yourself!
Orion @Big Feller - You're 70s/80s/90s hits list are awesome.
K1mer @K1mer - I'll never forget that night we spent on CrescentCraft.
Skyrossm @Skyrossm - Although I wish you came back as Kathy I'm happy that you're now a part of this community. Big fan of your maps and I hope you can keep doing them in the meantime!
Aquast @Aquast - One of the best, by far.
ollie @olivia - My second admin, thank you for picking up for your team after Helix's promo. Although it was short, I can tell you were a quality admin.
Flire @Flire - My tenth pickup. You'll go places if you aren't demoted first.
Thresh @Thresh - My loophole RDM buddy. Let's keep doing that, yeah?
andy @andy - To be honest, I wasn't sure about you at first but now I can say that you're one of the good ones.
Raykeno @Raykeno - My 18th pickup. I didn't get to train you often and I'm not sure who you really are, but I enjoyed being your admin nonetheless.
DarkShiny @DarkShiny Rhienor @Rhienor andrewca79 @andrewca79 PhoonTheCoon @PhoonTheCoon Proper @Proper 8BitF0x @8BitF0x Watch Yo Profanity @Watch Yo Profanity Dolph1n @Dolph1n Zach @Zach Yatty @Yatty veri @veri - The rest of my mod team. Proud of you some of you guys and severely disappointed in some of you as well. Some of you will go far! ( Others will be permanently banned soon. )
JackThePumpkin @JackThePumpkin - Polish. Need I say more?
hoes mad x24 @scuffed water - Kinda cringe, bro.
Carned @Carned - English guy who is a strait forward person and gets on with the facts . Temar? Nope, it's Carned.
Stitch @Stitch - My 2nd pickup. Worst mistake of my tenure but I had to give you a tag.
Nathan776 @Nathan776 - Uh, I'm running out of things to say.
Fox @Fox - I know we didn't always get along, but I really respect what youvé done here.
zeccep @Teamgun - Another person I didn't always see eye to eye on, but I respect your approach.
Methelin @Methelin - I mean, not saying you applied for mod here for the power, but...
Sindre @Sindre - My number buddy and 3rd mod pickup. Really cool dude and I hope you'll stick around .
Credence @Credence - We always seemed to play at the same time, but you didn't talk much. Hope to play with you as a regular now!
Sinz @Sinz - I'm not really sure who you are, or frankly what you're doing here.
jshore @jshore - My 9th trial mod. Sorry you didn't make it pass the trial phase but you have potential!
Sonicboomzoom @Sonicboomzoom - I am uncomfortable around you.
Shelbutt @Shelbutt - We didn't talk much, but
AdinaThePotato @AdinaThePotato - I always respected you, even when you banned me that one time. Crazy how things have changed.
Omega @Omega - My third admin after my demotion to mod again. Thank you for helping me out in a dark place.
Bubonic @Bubonic ryan @ryan - You two know what you did.
DarkMage @DarkMage - My second 2nd pickup. Glad to see you made admin soon after me. You're a cool dude and I wish you the best of luck.
Anna @Anna - My fourth pickup. Was a pleasure having you on the team.
Zyp @Zyp Sephy @DrkSephy ekksdee @ekksdee MemeDaddy @MemeDaddy - THE BOYS! We gotta play again sometime, those nights were hillarious.
TrinityBlade⚔️ @TrinityBlade⚔️ - I have a bad feeling about you.
BorkWoof @BorkWoof - Cool guy.
@Highwon - Glad you're here.
tay @tay - Your memes are legendary status.
Weiss @Weiss - I appreciate your honesty, even though others don't like such candidness. Hope to see you on the staff team someday!
Shireco @Shireco - Possibly one of the best staff members ever here. You left big shoes to fill.
Tinbuster00 @Tinbuster00 - Big fan of what you did as admin here. Like Shireco, you were definitely a rolemodel.
Scotty @Scotty - I don't think anyone is going to beat your staff tenure time, lol.
Echo @Echo - My first pick up. Crazy to see how far you've come. Proud of you dude and I know you'll do a great job.
Sticky Bandit @Sticky Bandit - Awesomesauce, Need I say more?
Mochi @Mochi - Very cool guy, I appreciate all the hard work you've done for this community.
Mellow @Mellow - You have done nothing of merit.
Smart Feller @Fart Smeller - You're a little strange, but there's nothing wrong with that.
Harvest @Harvest - Your posts always produce good drama, tbh. As a former staff member I shouldn't say that, but we all know it's true.
Yukari @Yukari - We used to crowbar fight all the time.
irritatingness @irritatingness - My second owner after Opal's demotion. You're a great guy to be around.
B @beer is your best friend - Not sure about you tbh, I just get abad feeling.
Enemy "Rule Bot" Below @Enemy "Rule Bot" Below - Happy birthday! I didn't forget.
Prisma @Prisma - Probably the only guy here on this community I didn't talk to, once.
rog the dog @rog the dog - My former admin, thanks for teaching me everything you knew.
Pokeben10 @Pokeben10 - I didn't know if I should tag you since I've said all that I need to in dms, but you're doing great work.
Sludge @Sludge - You know what you did.
Nope @Vali - Thanks for training me when I was just a trial mod. You'll go far!
Ragman @Ragman D @sam Qaaap @Qaaap - Apparently you guys were my trial mods, but I honestly don't remember picking you up? Anyway, hope you do well.
Anastesia Lawes❤️ @Lightning Farron - Another mod who trained me when I was first picked up. Thanks for everything - sorry you had to resign due to time constraints as well.

Again everyone I love this community and look forward to spending more time once my school schedule eases up. Who knows,. maybe even I'll become a staff member again ;)


i love rdm
Aug 8, 2019
DarkShiny @
Rhienor @
andrewca79 @
PhoonTheCoon @
Proper @
8BitF0x @
Watch Yo Profanity
Watch Yo Profanity @
Dolph1n @
Zach @
Yatty @
veri - The rest of my mod team. Proud of you some of you guys and severely disappointed in some of you as well. Some of you will go far! ( Others will be permanently banned soon. )

IIRC, I don't remember being a staff member for crescent, but whatever floats your boat is alright by me.


New Member
Aug 8, 2019
Good admin, good at defending NA when I was showing them how EU is superior :cool:
, good memer, maybe not so good at League (I still need to get an NA account).

Come back sometime


we ballin my ninjas ⛹️
Crescent Plus
Aug 8, 2019
*redacted by staff*

Don't post leaks. -Helix
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rog the dog

New Member
Aug 10, 2019
i taught you everything and you still turned out trash in the end. you know full well you aren't supposed to resign without being toxic and getting banned from the community.

honestly what a disappointment