Happy New Year, Project Crescent!

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Happy New Year, Project Crescent!

I believe we can all agree the new year couldn't come any sooner. After such an absolutely hectic year, I'm sure we're all glad to get rid of 2020 for good.
As 2021 takes it place in our calendars and in our hearts, I'd like to wish all of you here in Crescent a happy new year! Hopefully this new year will be better for us all, free of tiny killer viruses, quarantins, and whatever the fuck CDPR took when they decided to release CP77 like this. Yeah, I said it.

And, well... what better way to shape up a better new year than to start it with some good news?

Much like many of you, we never stopped believing in our new year resolutions - despite failing them a month in almost every year. It's tradition at this point! This year, however, we thought to ourselves: what if instead of struggling to improve ourselves... we improve our servers?
Of course, this makes no sense in a hindsight - there's nothing at all in common between our new year resolution and a bunch of metal boxes that simulate your RDM sprees, but I really had to find something to prefix this section with, so... there!

Team Crescent is very happy to announce that as of today, January 1st 2021, we are rolling out a major upgrade to our server network and beefing it up with awesome new hardware and performance gains! Our new servers are faster, more durable, and allow us to do some more daring things with our code without worrying about setting things on fire.

What does this mean, then? Let's see...

🇪🇺 EU Best! EU Best! 🇪🇺

145 days ago, the people of Crescent decided to go to war: they wanted EU back. It doesn't matter that none of them bothered to actually play it when it was still there; they wanted it BACK, and they wanted it NOW... I mean THEN. I mean... you get it.
Anyway, 81 days later, the people of Crescent failed miserably when their base of operations channel was deleted by their own ally. It was a sad day to Crescent... except for the very evil Opalium who sat there and laughed at their petty attempt. "Fools!" he said, "EU will NEVER return like this! You are weak! You don't deserve EU like this!" Nobody heard him, of course, because he was sitting alone in his room at that moment, so this didn't really mean anything. But he said it.

Ah! But did you notice the number of days involved? 145... 81... surely you can see what it means, right? There must be some pattern here... why else would I bring this up?
Well, there isn't actually. I just wanted to remind you of your failures. This isn't the ARG after all.
(But this is)

As part of the network upgrade, I'm happy to announce that Crescent's EU region is back! Located in Gravesline, France, this region will host a more ideal Crescent TTT experience for those of you hailing from Europe, the Middle East, and maybe even Asia. No more unplayable pings to you all - they're at least half playable now!

The first CTTT instance in EU, Crescent TTT EU1, is available at
Or, if you enjoy excessive typing:

100 Tick Rate Servers
I. am. speed.

As part of this update, all of our servers now run at 100 Ticks per second. That's right: all of them! Not just one of them at random, which was because we forgot to revert it back a while ago.
The increased tick rate will allow for smoother and more responsive gameplay in Crescent overall, with more accurate hit detection, better simulation of physics, and more. Now, at long last, you can experience srcds crashing at a glorious tick rate, faster than ever before. A-m-a-z-i-n-g!

The new 100 TPS CTTT instances in US, which will replace the existing ones, are available at:
Or, if you
still enjoy excessive typing:

(The old addressese starting with 'east' also work, if you're that lazy)

In case you have these servers in your favorites, then don't worry: Steam will automagically update them to the new address.
Game server tokens are amazing, I tell ya'...

Happy New Year!
I know, I said it already, but I didn't want to end this post awkwardly. So... yeah, happy new year people! Enjoy the new servers, and remember to keep memes out of #general.
Stay Awesome.

Team Crescent


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Aug 8, 2019
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