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Aug 14, 2020
Hi there! Looking at the giant thumbnail above this text you probably know that my name is "Morkhelt"....or not. It could be it is Morkhelt. I fooled you hehe
Anyways. Some of you might actually know me already and that's because I played on the TTT Server. Both 1 and 2. I also donated before even joining the forum.
That's how dedicated I am.

A little about me
I'm a soon to be college student who's studying to be a Bioinformatics dude...Doctor? What do you call a Bioinformatics professional??
I have a bitchin $1000 PC Setup that I could talk about AAAAAALL day. But for your sake, I won't. (hint. My entire Stimulus check went towards building it)
I love history. Specifically Naval History. I love learning about Battleships and Aircraft Carriers and how they ruled the seven seas from after the first world war
all the way up to now. If you'd like a history lesson about world wars I and II or need help with any assignment concerning both World Wars. I'm always here to help.
From the giant thumbnail above you can tell I'm a Sega fanboy. That's because I grew up with Sega throughout most of my childhood. I had this little Plug and play Sega Genesis and it was so fun. Also the little umbrella guy is a Lemming. From the 90s game "Lemmings". Check it out it's a really fun game.
I will make puns/dad jokes from time to time. So be warned...I'm also a giggly bitch. Especially when being tickled. So don't try to tickle me please
I'm also a musician. I make little covers/remixes of famous video game soundtracks

Favorite TV Shows/movies
The Office (who doesn't love the office?)
Top Gun
Parks and Recreation
Monty Python series
Hogan's Heroes
The Grand Tour
House M.D.
Everybody hates Chris
Bridge over the river kwai

Favorite Video Games
Sonic the hedgehog series (obviously)
Team Fortress 2
Half-Life series
My Summer Car
Tower Unite
The Henry Stickmin Series
Minecraft (yes. Minecraft)
and of course
The Crescent TTT Server ❤

Some last minute trivia
I'm a watch connoisseur. Meaning I collect and wear watches
I also collect Fountain Pens
I once hosted several somewhat successful discord servers..They all died because of my poor leadership
I smashed a mirror with my forehead. Didn't even bleed
I took three years of JROTC....worst three years of life. Thank god it's over
I can get very temperamental at times. So if you see me raging and shit. Back off. Give me time to cool off instead of trying to calm me down

And I believe that's about it. Thank you for taking the time to read this. And I hope you accept me with loving arms
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